Astronomy & Astrophysics

Volume 634 (February 2020)

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Letters to the Editor

Astrophysical processes

Cosmology (including clusters of galaxies)

Extragalactic astronomy

Metal-poor nuclear star clusters in two dwarf galaxies near Centaurus A suggesting formation from the in-spiraling of globular clusters A53

Published online: 06 February 2020

Galactic structure, stellar clusters and populations

Interstellar and circumstellar matter

Stellar structure and evolution

Stellar atmospheres

The Gaia-ESO Survey: a new approach to chemically characterising young open clusters - I. Stellar parameters, and iron-peak, α-, and proton-capture elements A34

Published online: 31 January 2020
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The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs - Photospheric parameters of target stars from high-resolution spectroscopy. II. Simultaneous multi-wavelength range modeling of activity insensitive lines (Corrigendum) C2

Published online: 04 February 2020

The Sun

Planets and planetary systems

Gemini-GRACES high-quality spectra of Kepler evolved stars with transiting planets - I. Detailed characterization of multi-planet systems Kepler-278 and Kepler-391 A29

Published online: 31 January 2020

Celestial mechanics and astrometry

Atomic, molecular, and nuclear data

Astronomical instrumentation

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First detection of the Crab Nebula at TeV energies with a Cherenkov telescope in a dual-mirror Schwarzschild-Couder configuration: the ASTRI-Horn telescope A22

Published online: 30 January 2020

Catalogs and data

Numerical methods and codes