News from the Editorial Office

Over the years, A&A published several editorials about its general policies that are still of interest to our authors.

The new A&A Letters: Short, unlimited, and free for all

A&A, vol. 607, E1, 2017

Discontinuation of Research Notes

A&A, vol. 592, E1, 2016

After having published Research Notes for many years, A&A has decided to discontinue this category of papers.

Online-only publication of A&A

A&A, vol. 581, E1, 2015

Language editing

A&A, vol. 490, E19, 2008

The aim of language editing is to improve the overall clarity of its published articles and to make certain a good level of English is maintained thus leading to a style for the journal that is clear, concise, and easy for scientists to read.

Online sections

A&A, vol. 477, E1, 2008

The new Sect. 15, entitled Numerical methods and codes which is devoted to publishing new numerical algorithms and codes of interest, and the Section 12 Atomic, molecular, and nuclear data are now published online only. These welcome newcomers add to the other online-only sections: Sect. 13, Astronomical Instrumentation, and Sect. 14 Online catalogs and data.

Instrumentation papers policy

A&A, vol 459, E3, 2006

Astronomy & Astrophysics introduces a new editorial policy for papers submitted to Section 13 (Astronomical Instrumentation).

Structured abstract

A&A, vol. 441, E3, 2005

Astronomy & Astrophysics introduces structured abstracts for A&A articles.

Editorship and peer-review at A&A

A&A, vol. 420, E1, 2004

We present an overview of current issues involved in editing Astronomy & Astrophysics, going from the detail of editorial policies and procedures to some more general aspects.