Page charges

Authors working in countries that do not sponsor A&A pay page charges at the rate of 100 euros per page (excluding appendices). Page charges are not requested if the first author is affiliated with one of the countries that sponsor A&A.

In the past, this policy was not applied to papers received from a number of countries that suffer economic hardship. Because of the increased expenses caused by changing the A&A editorial system and by  introducing newservices, this liberal policy is no longer possible. Therefore, the A&A Board of Directors have decided during its annual meeting on May 8th, 2004, that the page charge policy should now be strictly enforced.

When a paper is submitted, a page charge form is sent to the corresponding author by the Editorial office. The evaluation process starts only upon receipt of the signed form.

The A&A Editors are entitled to waive page charges upon request. They can only do so, however, for an amount limited to a maximum of 10% of all papers published per year.


Special note for long papers:

Page charges for excessively long papers. All authors, including those from sponsoring countries, will be billed for the production costs of pages in excess of 30 at a rate of 100 euros per page (excluding appendices) and 25 euros per appendix page.