The main text

Manuscripts should be divided into numbered sections and subsections, starting with "1. Introduction". Subsections should be numbered 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, etc. All sections must have a short descriptive title. In the TEX file, the sections appear as follows.



Please always give a \label where possible (figures, tables, section) and use \ref for cross-referencing. Such cross-references will be converted to HTML hyper-links. The \cite- and \bibitem-mechanism for bibliographic references as well as the \object command is also mandatory.


A special section for acknowledgements may be included before the References list. It will appear as follows:

\begin{acknowledgements} ... \end{acknowledgements}

Some aspects of typographic style within the text

The following expressions should always be abbreviated unless they appear at the beginning of a sentence (i.e. Sect., Sects., Fig., Figs., Col., Cols.). Table is never abbreviated.

Abbreviations of concepts, methods, instruments, observatories, etc may be used throughout the text, but the full wording followed by the abbreviation in parentheses should be given once in the Abstract (if appropriate) and/or once when first mentioned in the main text (usually in the Introduction).

Examples: ...very long baseline interferometry (VLBI)...; ... Westerbork Radio Telescope (WRT)...