2011 Highlights

Nitrogen hydrides and the H2 ortho-to-para ratio in dark clouds (Dislaire et al.)
The VLT/VISIR mid-IR view of 47 Tucanae (Momany et al.)
Collisions of inhomogeneous pre-planetesimals (Geretshauser et al.)
Hyperion (T. P. Robitaille)
Supernovae without host galaxies? (P.-C. Zinn et al.)
X-shooter, the new wide band intermediate resolution spectrograph at VLT (Vernet et al.)
An incisive look at the symbiotic star SS Leporis (Blind et al.)
A&A special feature: Early results from the Planck mission (vol. 536)
Infall and outflow within 400 AU from a high-mass protostar (Goddi et al.)
The star-formation history of the Magellanic Clouds (Indu & Subramanian)
WASP-43b (Hellier et al.)
Molecules at z = 0.89 (Muller et al.)
Constraints on the structure of the core of HD 49385 via mixed modes (Deheuvels & Michel)
Photometric AGN reverberation mapping (Haas et al.)
L-band spectroscopy of Galactic OB-stars (F. Najarro et al.)
The chemical history of molecules in circumstellar disks. II. (Visser et al.)
A dominant magnetic dipole for the evolved Ap star candidate EK Eridani (Aurière et al.)
SuperWASP observations of pulsating Am Stars (Smalley et al.)
IGRJ17361-4441: a possible new accreting X-ray binary in NGC6388 (Bozzo et al.)
Discovery of radio emission in a shock heated region detected through SZ (C. Ferrari et al.)
A large SMA molecular line survey of IRAS 16293-2422 (Jorgensen et al.)
The time dependence of hot Jupiters' orbital inclinations (Triaud)
Young clusters in M33 (Sharma et al.)
The deep XMM-Newton Survey of M 31 (Stiele et al.)
GOODS-H: 24 microns drop-out galaxies (Magdis et al.)
Discovery of multiple dust shells beyond 1 arcmin in the circumstellar [...] (L. Decin et al.)
Detection of a transit of the super-Earth 55 Cancri e with warm Spitzer (B.-O. Demory et al.)
The HVC complex Galactic center negative as seen by EBHIS and GASS. I (B. Winkel et al.)
No quantum gravity signature from the farthest quasars (F. Tamburini et al.)
Multiple stellar populations in the globular cluster NGC 1851 (E. Carretta et al.)
Multidimensional hydrodynamic simulations of the hydrogen injection flash (M.Mocak et al.)
The age of the Milky Way halo stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (P. Jofre et al.)
Planet formation in inclined binaries (K. Batygin et al.)
Detection of a weak surface magnetic field on Sirius A (P. Petit et al.)
Accretion in the detached post-common-envelope binary LTT 560 (C. Tappert et al.)
PACS Evolutionary Probe (PEP). A Herschel key program (D. Lutz et al.)
Two very nearby (d ∼ 5 pc) ultracool brown dwarfs (R.D. Scholz et al.)
Strong chaos induced by close encounters with Ceres and Vesta (J. Laskar et al.)
Direct detection of the Enceladus water torus with Herschel (P. Hartogh et al.)
TIMASSS: The IRAS16293-2422 millimeter and submillimeter spectral survey. I (E. Caux et al.)
Solution to the problem of the DA white dwarf log g distribution... (P.-E. Tremblay et al.)
Iron abundance in the prototype PG1159 star, GW Vir pulsator PG1159-035 [...] (K. Werner et al.)
Detection of interstellar hydrogen peroxide (P. Bergman et al.)
First fringes with an integrated-optics beam combiner at 10 microns (L. Labadie et al.)
Measuring helium abundance difference in giants of NGC 2808 (L. Pasquini et al.)
The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. III. [...] (J.M. Bestenlehner et al.)
The multiple planets transiting Kepler-9. I (M. Havel et al.)
Constraining the structure of the planet-forming region... (E. Tatulli et al.)
New constraints on the chemical evolution of the solar neighbourhood and [...] (L. Casagrande)
Bulk density of small meteoroids (J.B. Kikwaya et al.)
Accurate p-mode measurements of the G0V metal-rich CoRoT target HD 52265 (J. Ballot et al.)
The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. II (W. D. Taylor et al.)
Dual-frequency VLBI study of Centaurus A on sub-parsec scales ( C. Müller et al.)
Enhanced [CII] emission in a z=4.76 submillimetre galaxy (C. De Breuck)
A detailed study of the HII region M43 and its ionizing star. I. (S. Simon-Diaz et al.)
Two distinct halo populations in the solar neighborhood. II. (P. E. Nissen et al.)
Deep asteroseismic sounding of the compact hot B subdwarf pulsator [...] (S. Charpinet et al.)
The Cepheid mass discrepancy and pulsation-driven mass loss (H.R. Neilson et al.)
A Herschel resolved far-infrared dust ring around HD207129 (J.P. Marshall et al.)
New R Coronae Borealis stars discovered in OGLE-III Galactic bulge fields (P. Tisserand et al.)
The extreme synchronicity of stellar ages of red galaxies in [...] (S. Andreon et al.)
Characterizing interstellar filaments with Herschel in IC5146 (D. Arzoumanian et al.)
Probing the dust formation region in IRC +10216 with ... (J. Cernicharo et al.)
First astronomical unit scale image of the GW Orionis triple system (J.-P. Berger et al.)
MOAO first on-sky demonstration with CANARY (E. Gendron et al.)
Stellar black holes at the dawn of the universe (I. F. Mirabel et al.)
Using the Sun to estimate Earth-like planets detection capabilities. III (A.-M. Lagrange et al.)
V1309 Scorpii: merger of a contact binary (R. Tylenda et al.)
The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets. XXVIII (C. Lovis et al.)
Zooming into the broad line region of the gravitationally lensed quasar [...] (D. Sluse et al.)
Stellar mixing I-V (V.M. Canuto et al.)
High angular resolution detection of beta Pictoris b at 2.18 microns (M. Bonnefoy et al.)
SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates II. (A. Santerne et al.)
Bayesian re-analysis of the radial velocities of Gliese 581 (M. Tuomi et al.)
Earth-based detection of the millimetric thermal emission of the nucleus of comet 8P/Tuttle (J. Boissier et al.)
Flux and color variations of the quadruply imaged quasar HE 0435-1223 (D. Ricci et al.)
Distorted, non-spherical transiting planets: impact on the transit depth [...] (J. Leconte et al.)
The "solar nebula" around T Cha: Olofsson et al. and Huelamo et al. (Olofsson et al.)
The mass-period distribution of close-in exoplanets (P. Benítez-Llambay et al.)
The end of star formation in Chamaeleon I? (A. Belloche et al.)
First evidence of a gravitational lensing-induced echo in gamma rays [...] (A. Barnacka et al.)
Shocks in dense clouds. III. (V. Guillet et al.)
The upper atmosphere of the exoplanet HD209458b revealed by the sodium D lines (A. Vidal-Madjar et al.)
A Sino-German lambda6 cm polarization survey of the Galactic plane. III. (X.H. Sun et al.)
Gran Telescopio Canarias OSIRIS transiting exoplanet atmospheric survey [...] (D. K. Sing et al.)
WASP-33: the first delta Scuti exoplanet host star (E. Herrero et al.)
A mature cluster with X-ray emission at z=2.07 (R. Gobat et al.)
Surface convection and red-giant radius measurements (L. Piau et al.)
The fundamental parameters of the roAp star gamma Equulei (K. Rousselet-Perraut et al.)