2015 Highlights

A novel scenario for the possible X-ray line feature at ~3.5 keV
Multitechnique testing of the viscous decretion disk model. I. (R. Klement et al.)
Limitations of force-free magnetic field extrapolations (H. Peter et al.)
The HARPS-N Rocky Planet Search. I
The incidence of binaries in globular cluster stellar populations (S. Lucatello et al.)
Controlling the emission profile of a microwave driven H_2 discharge lamp to simulate interstellar radiation fields
A flash-ionized nebula around PNV J03093063+2638031 (U. Munari et al.)
The Galactic disc velocity dispersion (G. Guiglion et al.)
RadioAstron polarization image of 0642+449 (A. P. Lobanov et al.)
A MUSE map of the central Orion Nebula (M 42) (P. M. Weilbacher et al.)
The growth of planets by pebble accretion in evolving protoplanetary discs (B. Bitsch et al.)
A remarkable recurrent nova in M 31
Are long gamma-ray bursts biased tracers of star formation?
High angular resolution polarimetric observations of NGC 1068 (Gratadour et al.)
Planck's dusty GEMS
The Maunder minimum (1645-1715) was indeed a grand minimum
Precision age indicators using CP stars (G. Worthey)
LOFAR tied-array imaging and spectroscopy of solar S bursts (Morosan et al.)
Stellar merger remnant V1309 Sco (T. Kaminski et al.)
The fast molecular outflow in the Seyfert galaxy IC 5063 as seen by ALMA (Morganti et al.)
The Orion fingers: Near-IR adaptive optics imaging of an explosive protostellar outflow (Bally et al.)
An equatorial ultra iron-poor star identified in BOSS (Allende-Prieto et al.)
[C II] emission in galactic nuclei in the presence of X-rays (Langer & Pineda)
The dynamical history of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (Maquet / Guzzo & Lega)
Formation of terrestrial planets in disks evolving via disk winds and implications for the origin of the solar system terrestrial planets (Ogihara et al.)
High-precision abundances of elements in solar twin stars (Nissen)
The changing rotation period of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko controlled by its activity (Keller et al.)
How to form planetesimals from mm-sized chondrules and chondrule aggregates (Carrera et al.)
Quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting magnetic white dwarfs
Hierarchical progressive surveys (P. Fernique et al.)
GASS, third data release (P. M. W. Kalberla and U. Haud)
The dust disk and companion of the nearby AGB star L2 Puppis (Kervella et al.)
The evolved circumbinary disk of AC Herculis (Hillen et al.)
The Seven Sisters DANCe. I. (H. Bouy et al.)
Top-down formation of fullerenes in the interstellar medium (Berné et al.)
Chemical tracers of episodic accretion in low-mass protostars (Visser et al.)
Spectrally resolved detection of sodium in the atmosphere of HD 189733b with the HARPS spectrograph (Wyttenback et al.)
Proving strong magnetic fields near to the central black hole in the quasar PG0043+039 via cyclotron lines (Kollatschny et al.)
The solar oxygen abundance from an empirical three-dimensional model (H. Socas-Navarro)
Evidence for a spectroscopic direct detection of reflected light from 51 Pegasi b (Martins et al.)
The LEECH Exoplanet Imaging Survey. Further constraints on the planet architecture of the HR 8799 system (Maire et al.)
VLT/MUSE view of the highly ionized outflow cones in the nearby starburst ESO338-IG04 (Bik et al.)
Planck intermediate results. XIX. (Planck Collaboration)
Pulsar polarisation below 200 MHz: Average profiles and propagation effects (Noutsos et al.)
Towards DIB mapping in galaxies beyond 100 Mpc [...] (Monreal-Ibero et al.)
ALMA detection of [C II] 158 mic. emission emission from a strongly lensed z = 2.013 star-forming galaxy? (Schaerer et al.)
The GAPS programme with HARPS-N at TNG .V. (Damasso et al.)
The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South (Bacon et al.)
Stellar wind in state transitions of high-mass X-ray binaries (Cechura & Hadrava)
Witnessing a merging bullet being stripped in the galaxy cluster RXCJ2359.3-6042
The intra-hour variable quasar J1819+3845 [...] (de Bruyn & Macquart)
V444 Cygni X-ray and polarimetric variability (Lomax et al.)
The elemental composition of the Sun (Scott et al.; Grevese et al.)
The effect of external environment (E. I. Vorobyov et al.)