Vol. 577
In section 7. Stellar structure and evolution

The Seven Sisters DANCe. I. Empirical isochrones, luminosity, and mass functions of the Pleiades cluster

by H. Bouy, E. Bertin, L. Sarro, et al., A&A 577, A148


The DANCe survey provides photometric and astrometric (position and proper motion) measurements for approximately 2 million unique sources in a region encompassing ≈80 deg2 centered on the Pleiades cluster. The authors find a total of 2 109 highprobability Pleiades members, 812 of which are new, making it the most extensive and complete census of the cluster to date. The luminosity and mass functions of the cluster are computed from the most massive members down to ≈0.025 M⊙. The size, sensitivity, and quality of the sample result in the most precise luminosity and mass functions observed to date for a cluster.