2018 Highlights

MUSE survey of NGC 7009 (Walsh et al.)
Dipole (Boro Saika et al.)
AM CVn stars from Gaia DR2 (Ramsay et al.)
Gaia DR2 study of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Kinematics of the M87 outer halo (Longobardi et al.)
Ultrahigh-resolution model of a breakout CME embedded in the solar wind
Turbulent and wind-driven accretion in dwarf novae threaded by a large-scale magnetic field (Scepi et al.)
Spatially resolving the AGB star SW Vir in the near-infrared (Ohnaka & Morales Marín)
Extreme submillimetre starburst galaxies (Rowan-Robinson et al.)
Evidence for a massive dust-trapping vortex connected to spirals
Production of atomic hydrogen by cosmic rays in dark clouds
Agglomeration effects in IR spectra (Tamanai et al.)
Brown dwarf companion with a period of 4.6 years interacting with the hot Jupiter CoRoT-20 b
Hyperion: a proto-supercluster at z~2:45 in VUDS (Cucciati et al.)
Distribution of cold and warm Hi gas (Kalberla & Haud)
3D shape of OrionA from Gaia DR2 (Grossschedl et al.)
Asteroid (89) Julia seen by VLT/SPHERE (Vernazza et al.)
First observations of magnetic holes deep within the coma of a comet
Radial and vertical dust transport inhibit refractory carbon depletion in PPDs (Klarmann et al.)
Gravitational fragmentation and formation of giant protoplanets on orbits of tens of au
Cosmic microwave background constraints in light of priors over reionization histories
Outburst-induced rings (Schneider et al.)
Anatomy of the massive star-forming region S106
Spatially resolved spectroscopy across stellar surfaces. III. (D. Dravins et al.)
PSR B0943+10: low-frequency study of subpulse periodicity in the Bright mode with LOFAR
Energy conversion in cometary atmospheres (J. Lindkvist et al.)
The evolving jet spectrum of Aql X-1 (M. Díaz Trigo et al.)
Kz in the solar neighbourhood (Hagen et al.)
IRC+10216 variability at 3 mm (Pardo et al.)
The stellar content of the XMM-Newton slew survey
Interstellar bromine abundance is consistent with cometary ices from Rosetta
Submicrojansky radio source counts (Novak et al.)
ALMA observations of PKS B1718–649 (Maccagni et al.)
The nature of the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets (Grimm et al.)
Chromospheric heating during flux emergence (J. Leenaarts et al.)
Jekyll & Hyde: quiescence and extreme obscuration in a pair of massive galaxies 1.5 Gyr after the Big Bang
Large Interstellar Polarisation Survey. II. UV/optical study of cloud-to-cloud variations of dust in the diffuse ISM
Evidence for a starburst-driven outflow in Arp 299-A observed by LOFAR (N. Ramirez-Olivencia et al.)
An ALMA study of the Orion Integral Filament. I. Evidence for fibers in a massive cloud
Discovery of a dual AGN at z=3.3 with 20 kpc separation
HD147379 b: A nearby Neptune in the temperate zone of an early-M dwarf (A. Reiners et al.)
Dome C ultracarbonaceous Antarctic micrometeorites (Dartois et al.)
Direct mapping of the temperature and velocity gradients in discs (Pinte et al.)