2010 Highlights

Highlight: Interplanetary magnetic field orientation and the magnetospheres of [...] (vol. 525)
Highlight: The global dust SED: tracing the nature and evolution of dust with DustEM (vol. 525)
Highlight: Search for brown-dwarf companions of stars (vol. 525)
Highlight: A fourth planet orbiting upsilon Andromedae (vol. 525)
Highlight: The formation of a thick disk through the heating of a thin disk [...] (vol. 525)
Highlight: A low frequency study of PSRs B1133+16, B1112+50, and B0031-07 (vol. 525)
Highlight: (65) Cybele: detection of small silicate grains, water-ice, and organics (vol. 525)
Highlight: A population of gamma-ray emitting globular clusters seen with the Fermi LAT
Highlight: Chemical pattern across the young associations ONC and OB1b (vol. 525)
Highlight: QPOs in the time domain: an autocorrelation analysis (vol. 524)
Highlight: Jupiter's stratospheric hydrocarbons and temperatures [...] (vol. 524)
Highlight: Spin-orbit angle measurements for six southern transiting planets [...] (vol. 524)
Highlight: Metal abundances in the hottest known DO white dwarf (KPD0005+5106) (vol. 524)
Highlight: The evolution of planetary nebulae. VII [...] (vol. 523)
Highlight: The rapid rotation and complex magnetic field geometry of Vega (vol. 523)
Highlight: PHAT: PHoto-z Accuracy Testing (vol. 523)
Highlight: Detection of the Small Magellanic Cloud in gamma-rays with Fermi/LAT (vol. 523)
Highlight: Fermi/LAT observations of Local Group galaxies (vol. 523)
Highlight: The Supernova Legacy Survey 3-year sample [...] (vol. 522)
Highlight: Modeling the Hα line emission around classical T Tauri stars using [...] (vol. 522)
Highlight: uvby-beta photometry of solar twins (vol. 522)
Highlight: Radioactive 26Al from the Scorpius-Centaurus association (vol. 522)
Highlight: Soft clustering analysis of galaxy morphologies: A worked example with SDSS (vol.522)
Highlight: Internal heating of old neutron stars: contrasting different mechanisms (vol. 522)
Highlight: Molecular and atomic gas in the Local Group galaxy M33 (vol. 522)
Highlight: The chemically peculiar double-lined spectroscopic binary HD 90264 (vol. 522)
Highlight: Two planets orbiting the recently formed post-common envelope binary NN Serpentis (vol. 521)
Highlight: Detection of ellipsoidal and relativistic beaming effects in the CoRoT-3 lightcurve (vol. 521)
Highlight: Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge as traced by microlensed dwarf and subgiant stars. III [...] (vol. 521)
Highlight: Evolution of the infrared Tully-Fisher relation up to z=1.4 (vol. 521)
Highlight: The first WASP public data release (vol. 520)
Highlight: Probing the evolving massive star population in Orion with [...] (vol. 520)
Highlight: Gass: The Parkes Galactic All-Sky Survey. II [...] (vol. 521)
Highlight: The effect of gas drag on the growth of protoplanets. Analytical [...] (vol. 520)
Highlight: Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+) (vol. 521)
Highlights: Water vapor map of Mars near summer solstice [...] (vol. 520)
Highlights: Puzzling fluorescent emission from Orion (vol. 520)
Highlight: Accretion-disc model spectra for dwarf-nova stars (vol. 519)
Highlight: The Swift Burst Analyser. I. BAT and XRT spectral and flux evolution of GRB (vol. 519)
Highlight: A&A special feature: Pre-launch status of the Planck mission (vol. 520)
Highlight: The CO luminosity and CO-H2 conversion factor of diffuse ISM [...] (vol. 518)
Highlight: Quasar feedback revealed by giant molecular outflows (vol. 518)
Highlight: Detection of nonthermal emission from the bow shock of a massive runaway star (vol. 518)
Highlight: The highest resolution near infrared spectrum of the imaged planetary mass companion 2M1207b (vol.518)
Highlight: Generation of radiative knots in a randomly pulsed protostellar jet. II (vol. 517)
Highlight: Relaxed equilibrium configurations to model fossil fields. I. A first family (vol. 517)
Highlight: Red-giant seismic properties analyzed with CoRoT (vol. 517)
Highlight: First case of strong gravitational lensing by a QSO: SDSS J0013+1523 at z = 0.120 (vol. 516)
Highlight: Thermal properties of asteroid 21 Lutetia from Spitzer Space Telescope observations (vol. 516)
Highlight: CoRoT opens a new era in hot B subdwarf asteroseismology (vol. 516)
Highlight: On the observational bias of the Trojan swarms (vol. 516)
Highlight: CO observations of symbiotic stellar systems (vol. 516)
Highlight: The magnetic field of Betelgeuse: a local dynamo from giant convection cells? (vol. 516)
Highlight: Deep near-infrared imaging of the HE0450-2958 system (vol. 515)
Highlight: The dark matter halo shape of edge-on disk galaxies (papers I-IV, vol. 515)
Highlight: Puzzling asteroid 21 Lutetia: our knowledge prior to the Rosetta fly-by (vol. 515)
Highlight:Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. II (vol. 515)
Highlight: Evaporation of the planet HD189733b observed in HI Lyman-alpha (vol. 514)
Highlight: Structure of the magnetoionic medium around the FR Class I radio galaxy 3C 449 (vol. 514)
Highlights: The Westerbork SINGS survey. III. Global magnetic field topology (vol. 514)
Highlight: The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. II (vol. 514)
Highlight: A&A special feature: Science with AKARI (vol. 514)
Highlight: H-band thermal emission from the 19-h period planet WASP-19b (vol. 513)
Highlight: An HI absorbing circumnuclear disk in Cygnus A (vol. 512)
Highlight: Magnetic Doppler imaging of alpha2 Canum Venaticorum in all four Stokes [..] (vol. 512)
Highlight: The role of convection, overshoot, and gravity waves for the transport [..] (vol. 512)
Highlight : A deep optical/near-infrared catalogue of Serpens (vol. 513)
Highlights - 09 April 2010 (vol. 512-513)
Highlights - 02 April 2010 (vol. 512)
Highlights - 26 March 2010 (vol. 512)
Highlights - 19 March 2010 (vol. 511-512)
Highlights - 12 March 2010 (vol. 511)
Highlights - 26 February 2010 (vol. 511)
Highlights - 19 February 2010 (vol. 510)
Highlights - 12 February 2010 (vol. 510)
Highlights - 05 February 2010 (vol. 510)
Highlights - 29 January 2010 (vol. 510)
Highlights - 22 January 2010 (vol. 509)
Highlights - 15 January 2010 (vol. 509)
Highlights - 12 January 2010 (vol. 509)
Highlight: Gas phase atomic metals in the circumstellar envelope of IRC+10216 (vol. 513)