Vol. 580
In section 4. Extragalactic astronomy

The fast molecular outflow in the Seyfert galaxy IC 5063 as seen by ALMA

by R. Morganti, T. Oosterloo, J. B. R. Oonk, W. Frieswijk, and C. Tadhunter, A&A 580, A1


ALMA observed the peculiar Seyfert 2 IC 5063 galaxy in the CO(2-1) line at 0.5'' resolution. This observation revealed a fast outflow of cold molecular gas, in addition to the flows of warm H2, HI, and ionised gas previously detected. The flow extends to 1kpc and appears to be triggered by the AGN radio jet, interacting with the galaxy interstellar medium. The latter is clumpy and deflects the jet in several directions, explaining the asymmetry in the radio brightness of the two radio lobes. The cold gas outflow corresponds to 2-4 10^7 Msun. This outflow is much larger than the warm and ionized gas flows, which demonstrates that substantial masses of the cooler molecular gas can be accelerated by relativistic jets.