2009 Press releases

ESO press release: Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy into Existence? (30 November 2009)
ESO press release: Watching a Cannibal Galaxy Dine (20 November 2009)
ESO press release: Shedding Light on the Cosmic Skeleton (3 November 2009)
A&A press release: German high-school students involved in an astronomical [..] (5 November 2009)
Chandra / CFHT / INAF press release: Galaxy cluster smashes distance record (22 October 2009)
A&A special issue: The CoRoT space mission: early results (22 October 2009)
ESO press release: First solid evidence for rocky exoplanet (16 September 2009)
Uni Bonn press release : A fresh log on a smouldering fire (3 September 2009)
Hamburger Sternwarte press release : Zooming in on Starspots: Scanning a [..] (4 August 2009)
ESO press release: Sharpest views of Betelgeuse reveal how supergiant stars lose mass (29 July 2009)
ESO press release: Astronomer's new guide to the galaxy: largest map of cold dust [..] (1 July 2009)
A&A press release: Magnetic field on bright star Vega (23 June 2009)
A&A press release: 1969-2009: Astronomy & Astrophysics celebrates its 40th year (16 June 2009)
MPIfR press release: An exploding star in an "exploding" galaxy (27 May 2009)
A&A press release: High-resolution image of the brightest Orion Trapezium star (2 April 2009)
A&A press release: A new X-ray spectroscopic tool for probing the interstellar [..] (31 March 2009)
ESO press release: Hubble and ESO?s VLT provide unique 3D views of remote galaxies (10 March 2009)
ESO press release: The lower atmosphere of Pluto revealed (2 March 2009)
JIVE press release: Radio astronomers detect water maser emission from the Saturnian[..](5 Feb.2009)
A&A press release: First ground-based detection of light from transiting exoplanets (15 Jan. 2009)