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2014 Press releases

A&A Press Release - Planck 2013 results


Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2014, volume 571, November 2014

Astronomy & Astrophysics is publishing a special feature of 31 articles describing the data gathered by Planck over 15 months of observations and released by ESA and the Planck Collaboration in March 2013. This series of papers presents the initial scientific results extracted from this first Planck dataset.


A&A Press Release - Discovery of the Benesov meteorites 20 years after the bolide event


Based on the article “Reanalysis of the Benešov bolide and recovery of polymict breccia meteorites - old mystery solved after 20 years”, by Spurný et al. Published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2014, 570, A39

Astronomy & Astrophysics is publishing the spectacular discovery of meteorite fragments 20 years after the corresponding bolide was seen in the skies of the Czech Republic. This discovery was made possible by reanalyzing the trajectory, which moved the impact line by 330 meters. Interestingly, the meteorites found on the ground are of different types, pointing to a parent asteroid of heterogeneous composition.


Uncloaking the King of the Milky Way: The largest star in our home galaxy's largest stellar nursery

© S.-W. Wu, A. Bik, Th. Henning, A. Pasquali, W. Brandner, A. Stolte

Based on the article "The discovery of a very massive star in W49 *,**", by Wu et al.

Published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2014, 568, L13