2012 Press releases

A&A Press Release - A 84-million star color-magnitude diagram of the Milky Way bulge

Milky Way bulge
© ESO/VVV Consortium, Acknowledgement: Ignacio Toledo

Based on the article “Milky Way demographics with the VVV survey I. The 84-million star colour-magnitude diagram of the Galactic bulge”, by R. Saito et al.
Published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2012, vol. 544, A147

Astronomy & Astrophysics published the first analysis of a catalog of 84 million individual stars in the Milky Way bulge as a part of the VVV ESO public survey. This gigantic data set allows building the largest, deepest, and most accurate color-magnitude diagram ever produced, containing more than ten times more stars than any previous study.


A&A special feature: Early results of the GREAT instrument onboard the SOFIA airborne observatory

Figure 1
© A&A

Table of contents of the special feature (free access)

Astronomy & Astrophysics is publishing a special feature dedicated to the early science results of the GREAT far-infrared instrument onboard the SOFIA airborne observatory. We present 22 articles reporting on the first astronomical results and the technologies used. Among other features, GREAT allows detecting interstellar molecular species not observable from the ground, some of them for the first time ever.