Vol. 647
5. Galactic structure, stellar cluster and populations

The 800pc long tidal tails of the Hyades star cluster. Possible discovery of candidate epicyclic overdensities from an open star cluster

by T. Jerabkova, H. M. J. Boffin, G. Beccari, G. de Marchi, J. H. J. de Bruijne, and T. Prusti 2021, A&A, 647, A137 alt

Open star clusters live and suffer in the potential of the mighty Milky Way. Some get quickly dissolved, while others are simply torn apart by our Galaxy, being stretched over a more extended period of time. New Gaia observations reveal the extended tidal tails of the Hyades, a nearby prototypical star cluster. Large-scale tidal tails for this cluster can now be recovered, extending almost one kiloparsec. Exquisite details, such as the epicyclic overdensities, can be appreciated, helping us ascertain details about the cluster's birth and evolution. Detailed N-body simulations can interpret these observations and map the potential of the Galaxy.