Astronomy & Astrophysics to remain in Open Access under Subscribe to Open model in 2023

Paris, France, 3 May 2023: Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) is pleased to announce that it will continue to publish its research in open access for the second consecutive year under the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model. In contrast to other core astronomy journals that have transitioned or will transition to open access via the Gold (APC) route, A&A has chosen a different approach to achieve immediate open access while minimizing any potential disruption to authors or subscribers. This decision reaffirms A&A's commitment to making its high-quality research easily accessible to the global scientific community, while also ensuring sustainability and financial stability for the journal.

A&A's Board of Directors and EDP Sciences have confirmed that despite the challenges in maintaining subscriptions under the S2O model, they have decided to continue publishing in open access for another year. This ensures that A&A's high-quality scientific content remains freely accessible to all readers with no article processing charges (APCs) imposed on authors. Authors retain copyright ownership and comply with institutional and funders open access requirements. The engagement of A&A with the S2O model is a testament to the journal's commitment to open access and to providing a cost-effective publishing option for many authors, despite the challenges faced by the scholarly publishing industry.

Dr. Thierry Forveille, Editor-in-Chief of A&A, emphasizes the journal's commitment to open science and to meeting the needs of the astronomical and astrophysical communities. "A&A has been a pioneer in publishing innovative and peer-reviewed scientific content for over 50 years," he said. "We are happy to continue our open access journey with S2O, which is proving to be an effective and sustainable model for scientific publishing that ensures our content is accessible to all. S2O provides a cost-effective alternative open access model that encourages collaboration and innovation within the scientific community."

Dr. Agnès Henri, Managing Director, EDP Sciences thanks the library partners and institutions whose support has enabled the continuation of open access publishing for A&A. She also emphasizes the importance of continued support for S2O journals in the years to come. "We hope that as more institutions and readers become familiar with S2O, the renewal process will become easier, allowing us to continue publishing high-quality content under a sustainable and transparent model."

The S2O model continues to be a transformative and innovative approach to open access publishing, and A&A is continuously reviewing and adapting the model to ensure sustainability. In 2022, A&A introduced a number of subscriber-only benefits to enhance the value of the journal offering. This will be reviewed for the forthcoming years.

About Astronomy & Astrophysics

Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) is a peer-reviewed community journal that publishes original research in astronomy and astrophysics. The journal is an international consortium governed by a Board of Directors who set the policies for A&A including general guidelines for publishing, the selection of the Editors, the various financial aspects, as well as membership of new countries.

The Editors are astronomers that are independent of any government or administrative body associated with the journal. A&A promotes diversity and equity in science and embraces open, inclusive, and fair practices that reflect the culture and values of the worldwide community of astronomers. Educational initiatives sponsored by A&A and EDP Sciences, such as the Science Writing for Young Astronomers (SWYA) workshops, educate and develop early career astronomers.

About EDP Sciences

EDP Sciences was established in 1920 by a prestigious academic community of French learned societies seeking to inspire, innovate and inform others by sharing their knowledge. Members of this community included eminent scientists like Marie Curie, Paul Langevin and Louis de Broglie. Today, EDP Sciences publishes high-quality scientific journals, conferences proceeding, books and magazines in a broad range of scientific, technical, and medical disciplines. As well as A&A, EDP Sciences is successfully publishing its Mathematics portfolio in open access through the S2O model.

About A&A’s Subscribe to Open model

Subscribe to Open (S2O) is an alternative subscription model supported by cOAlition S which enables libraries to use their budgets to support open access publishing. Existing subscription workflows and channels are used, and the financial structure of the journal does not change in any other way.

Under the S2O model, existing subscriber institutions are asked to subscribe as usual and as long as the expected subscription income is received, then the journal is published in open access. In this way, institutions secure access for their members, support journals for the common good of the academic community and demonstrate their commitment to equitable open access.

For 2023, A&A articles will be freely available for anyone to access and read. This will be reviewed every year, depending on the level of subscription renewals.

See the A&A S2O FAQs for more details.


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