Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy

Vol. 678
15. Numerical methods and codes

Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy

by A. Donath, R. Terrier, Q. Remy, et al. 2023, A&A, 678, A157

The development of the XANADU package for X-ray data analysis (including XSPEC for spectra, XIMAGE for images, and XRONOS for timing) signaled the start of a new era in X-ray astronomy. With multi-mission software available, now hardware teams need only define the instrument response.

In this paper, Donath and collaborators present the first official version (v1.0) of the GeV-to-TeV software analysis tool Gammapy. Gammapy is Python-based software that is able to ingest GeV-to-TeV data from ground- (HESS, MAGIC, Veritas, and HAWC) and space-based (Fermi/LAT) instruments. Data from different instruments can also be analyzed together.

Gammapy provides tools for spectral, image, and timing analysis, and it will be the analysis tool for the soon-to-come next-generation of γ-ray instruments, such as the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory.