Vol. 643
1. Letters to the Editor

Detection of the Geminga pulsar with MAGIC hints at a power-law tail emission beyond 15 GeV

by M. López-Moya, G. Ceribella, K. Hirotani, T. Schweizer et al. (MAGIC Collaboration) 2020, A&A, 643, L14 alt

Geminga is the archetypal gamma-ray pulsar with no radio emission. Geminga has been observed up to 30 GeV by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) onboard the Fermi satellite. Previous attempts to detect Geminga by ground-based Cherenkov telescopes were unsuccessful. New observations carried out with the MAGIC telescope have succeeded in revealing a pulsed signal from Geminga up to 75 GeV. Modeling of the spectrum indicates that we are observing Geminga nearly perpendicularly to its rotation axis.