Vol. 633
In section 4. Extragalactic astronomy

Modeling spectral lags in active galactic nucleus flares in the context of Lorentz invariance violation searches

by C. Perennes, H. Sol, and J. Bolmont, 2020, A&A, 633, A143 alt

The paper indicates that intrinsic time delays, produced by acceleration and radiation mechanisms during blazar flares, can compromise searches for Lorentz invariance (LIV) violations at TeV energies. The authors simulated time dependent one-zone models, including inverse Compton and synchrotron losses. They concentrate on two acceleration regimes, long persistent and fast particle acceleration, and note that such spectral observations with the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will provide the new insights needed for active galactic nuclei (AGN) flare modeling, which will improve our ability to disentangle such systematics from LIV searches in the photon sector.