Vol. 632
In section 7. Stellar structure and evolution

TESS first look at evolved compact pulsators

by S. Charpinet, P. Brassard, G. Fontaine, et al. 2019, A&A, 632, A90 alt

Space-based high-photometric-precision instruments have played a vital role in the asteroseismic study of long-period g-mode B subdwarf (sdB) pulsators. The delivery of the TESS data for hundreds of selected TASC WG8 targets observed in the first sectors has revealed a wealth of photometric variations, which occur in all types of evolved compact stars, including many eclipsing or non-eclipsing binaries and compact pulsators. The authors present the discovery and a detailed asteroseismic analysis of a new g-mode hot sdB pulsator, EC 21494-7018. The study demonstrates that the instrument provides outstanding data and can significantly drive this field forward.