Vol. 631
In section 14. Catalogs and data

GALACTICNUCLEUS: A high-angular-resolution JHKs imaging survey of the Galactic centre. II

by F. Nogueras-Lara, R. Schödel, A. T. Gallego-Calvente, et al., 2019, A&A, 631, A20 alt

The Galactic center (GC) is the galactic nucleus closest to us and the most complicated place of the Milky Way to study. It is a main target in astrophysics, but the extreme stellar densities (∼ 10^{5−7} pc−3) and the very high extinction are serious obstacles to the study of the structure and the stellar population of the GC. It requires an angular resolution of ~ 0.2” to characterize the GC stellar population, however, previous studies are limited in angular resolution to >0.6”. The authors had many nights of observations with HAWK-I at the ESO-VLT, and present an exquisite dataset, the GALACTICNUCLEUS catalog. The catalog is a near-infrared JHKs high-angular resolution (0.2”) survey of the nuclear bulge of the Milky Way.