Vol. 616
In section 2. Astrophysical processes

PSR B0943+10: low-frequency study of subpulse periodicity in the Bright mode with LOFAR

by A. V. Bilous A&A 616, A119


The radio pulsar B0943+10 is peculiar as it switches abruptly between (radio) bright and quiet modes. These mode changes occur simultaneously in the radio and X-ray bands. Slow variations of the emission properties in the bright mode are observed (drifting subpulses), providing a way to study the pulsar magnetospheric configuration. Drifting subpulses are usually explained in terms of gradient of the accelerating potential in the polar gap, which causes the (fixed) emitting region to rotate around the magnetic axis (carousel model). Using wideband LOFAR data, the author provides a quantitative explanation of the observed frequency-dependent drift phase delay within the carousel model.