Vol. 604
In section 1. Letters

Indications of a Si-rich bilateral jet of ejecta in the Vela SNR observed with XMM-Newton

by F. García, A. E. Suárez, M. Miceli, et al. A&A 604, L5

Massive stars end their life with a supernova explosion. Some of them are connected to gamma-ray bursts (GRB), brief (seconds) and intense (brightest sources in the sky) flashes of gamma-ray radiation. GRB radiation is collimated into a jet. It is very difficult to find collimated emission (linked to a GRB or not) a-posteriori in the supernova remnant which follows the explosion. Here García and collaborators reveal signs of two almost exactly antipodal structures in the Vela supernova remnant, strongly remininscent of a jet. The structures are spectrally characterised in the X-ray band as being overabundant in silicium, which originates in the depest layer of the progenitor star. This is only the second supernova remnant in which such a jet structure has been devised.