Vol. 601
In section 10. Planets and planetary systems

Faint warm debris disks around nearby bright stars explored by AKARI and IRSF

by D. Ishihara, N. Takeuchi, H. Kobayashi, et al. A&A 601, A72


The authors search for debris disks using the AKARI mid-IR all-sky point source catalogue (PSC), a product of the second generation unbiased IR all-sky survey. They investigate IR excess emission for 678 isolated main-sequence stars which have 18 mum detections in the AKARI mid-IR all-sky catalogue by comparing their fluxes with the predicted fluxes of the photospheres based on optical to near-IR fluxes and model spectra. They identify 53 debris-disk candidates including eight new detections. The detection rate of debris disks for this work is ~8%, comparable with those in previous works using the Spitzer and Herschel satellites.