Vol. 598
In section 3. Cosmology

Searching for galaxy clusters in the Kilo-Degree Survey

by M. Radovich, E. Puddu, F. Bellagamba, et al. A&A 598, A107

This newly published article presents a cluster-finding technique that is applied to the released (DR2) Kilo-Degree Survey (KiDS) data to produce a large, new cluster catalogue with an estimated purity of 80% and completeness of 85%. A total of 1858 candidate clusters with redshift 0 < zc < 0.7 and mass 1013.5 < M500 < 1015 Msol are found in an area of 114 sq. degrees. The catalogue is compared to the available SDSS-based cluster catalogues and shows that more than 50% of the candidate clusters are matched with previously extracted clusters from the same area of the sky. The catalogue is available at CDS and http://kids.strw.leidenuniv.nl/DR2/