Vol. 597
In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

Anatomy of the internal bow shocks in the IRAS 04166+2706 protostellar jet

by M. Tafalla, Y.-N. Su, H. Shang, D. Johnstone, Q. Zhang, J. Santiago-Garcia, C.-F. Lee, N. Hirano, and L.-Y. Wang A&A 597, A119


Highly-collimated jets and wide-angle outflows are two related components of the mass-ejection activity that are associated with stellar birth. The authors use the ALMA interferometer to study the relation between the jet and the outflow in the IRAS 04166+2706 protostar, which drives a molecular jet that contains multiple emission peaks symmetrically located from the central source, as well as a wide-angle outflow consisting of two conical shells. They find that the emission peaks in the IRAS 04166+2706 jet likely represent internal bow shocks where material is being ejected laterally away from the jet axis. While the linear momentum of the ejected gas is dominated by the component in the jet direction, the sideways component is not negligible, and could potentially affect the distribution of gas in the surrounding outflow and core.