Vol. 591
In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

Azimuthal asymmetries in the debris disk around HD61005. A massive collision of planetesimals?

by J. Olofsson, M. Samland, H. Avenhaus, et al. A&A 591, A108


HD 61005 (a.k.a. the moth) is a ~40Ma old debris disk. New observations using ALMA (thermal emission), SPHERE ADI (scattered light), and SPHERE DPI (polarised scattered light) shine new light on this eccentric and asymmetric disk. The authors interpret this as a result of a recent burst of collisions between Pluto-size bodies in a ring at 61 au. If confirmed, this interpretation would provide important constraints on the formation and evolution of planetesimals and minor planets in young planetary systems.