Vol. 590
In section 3. Cosmology matter

Constraints on the presence of a 3.5 keV dark matter emission line from Chandra observations of the Galactic centre

by S. Riemer-Sorensen A&A 590, A71

This paper presents an analysis of the stacked X-ray spectra towards the centre of our Galaxy taken by the Chandra satellite, with the aim of reproducing the claimed detection of an unresolved line emission at 3.5 keV, attributed to dark matter decay or annihilation. This is a very interesting, active, and controversial area of astrophysical research and this work provides a valuable step by using Chandra to provide an additional cross-check on previous results (the most prominent of which were based on XMM-Newton spectra). The emission line is not detected. These upper limits on the putative line flux exclude a number of dark matter mass profiles but are still consistent with conservative mass profiles of the Milky Way.