Vol. 564
In section 14. Catalogs and data

Eclipsing Am binary systems in the SuperWASP survey

by B. Smalley, J. Southworth, O.I. Pintado, et al., A&A 564, A69

One subclass of chemically peculiar A and F stars are the Am stars, which have weaker CaII K lines than expected from their spectral type. It has been shown that the number of binaries found among Am stars is high, but the number of known eclipsing systems is surprisingly low (only 1.4%). This article presents a large-scale systematic search for eclipsing systems among Am stars observed with the SuperWASP camera. A total of 70 eclipsing systems were found (28 previously unknown) among the 1742 Am stars included in the survey. The fraction of eclipsing systems (4%) is consistent with the fraction of spectroscopic binaries.