Vol. 560
In section 10. Planets and planetary systems

Herschel and IRAM-30m observations of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) at 4.5 AU from the Sun

by L.O'Rourke, D.Bockelee-Morvan, N.Biver, et al. A&A 560, A101


Because comet Ison is approaching perihelion and will be the center of attention for the community in the next weeks, O'Rourke et al. present combined Herschel infrared and IRAM millimetric observations. In particular, they are able to detect CO. the coma, and tail, which yield constraints on the CO and dust production rate. It will be important to relate these observations at relatively large orbital distances to the ones much closer to the Sun to understand the evolution of these objects.