Vol. 554
In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

Cores, filaments, and bundles: hierarchical core formation in the L1495/B213 Taurus region

by A. Hacar, M. Tafalla, J. Kauffmann, and A. Kovacs A&A 554, A55


Filaments in molecular clouds clearly have a close link with star formation, as has most recently been demonstrated by a series of publications making use of the far-infrared mapping capabilities of Herschel. The article by Hacar et al. highlighted in this issue shows, however, that maps in molecular spectral lines are crucial for understanding filament structure. They show that towards some nearby filaments in Taurus, one observes multiple velocity components in C_18O emission, suggesting that in some cases, at least, the filaments have different strands and that the individual strands have sonic velocity dispersion. Moreover, a fraction of the filaments appear to be responsible for most of the star formation.