Vol. 551
In section 1. Letters to the Editor

Independent confirmation of beta Pictoris b imaging with NICI

by A. Boccaletti, A.-M. Lagrange, M. Bonnefoy, R. Galicher, and G. Chauvin, A&A 551, L14


Beta Pictoris b, a young planet of about 9 times the mass of Jupiter, orbits at about 8 AU from its star in a very bright disk of dust and debris. Its discovery by direct imaging at the VLT and the possibility of studying it spectroscopically has made it one of the key objects for understanding planet formation. However, it had never been observed by a telescope other than the VLT thus far. Boccaletti et al. reanalyze publicly available data from the instrument NICI on Gemini South and are able to find the planet in several bands and at a location consistent with what has been obtained previously. This opens up the possibility of characterizing the planet using different telescopes.