Vol. 544
In section 1. Letters

On the nature and detectability of Type Ib/c supernova progenitors

by S.-C. Yoon, G. Grafener, J. S. Vink, A. Kozyreva, and R. K. Izzard, A&A 544, L11

The progenitors of type Ibc supernovae have proven extremely difficult to detect. This difficulty has classically been attributed to the stars exploding as type Ibc supernovae being very low-mass optically faint He-rich stars produced in close binaries. This paper presents an interesting/attractive alternative explanation by demonstrating that the massive He-cores predicted by single massive-star models evolve into a very hot region of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (HRD) immediately before exploding. The visual-band bolometric corrections in this region of the HRD are high enough for the cores to have only faint optical emission in spite of the high total luminosity.