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Table C.1.

Summary of archival data for weak lensing as of winter 2019.

Name SuP@Subaru HSC@Subaru Megacam@CFHT OC@VST HAWKI WFI@MPG/ESO WL samples WL surveys
PSZ2 G000.13+78.04
PSZ2 G004.45−19.55 i+
PSZ2 G006.49+50.56 gri LC2,PSZ2LS,CCCP100 RCSLS
PSZ2 G008.31−64.74 r+i+ J KiDS
PSZ2 G008.94−81.22 BJRCi+z+ i r+i+ KS B99BJ, 842V843V89RC, 844RC, 162IC, 879z+, 846 LC2 KiDS,DES
PSZ2 G021.10+33.24 VJi+ gr BJ, 842RC, 844IC, 879 LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G028.63+50.15 r
PSZ2 G028.89+60.13 VJRCi+ LC2,LoCuSS
PSZ2 G031.93+78.71 r
PSZ2 G033.81+77.18 gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G040.03+74.95 r
PSZ2 G040.58+77.12 r
PSZ2 G041.45+29.10 VJi+
PSZ2 G042.81+56.61 i+ gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G044.20+48.66 g+RC gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G044.77−51.30 BJVJRCICz+ ur r+ JH LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G046.10+27.18 BJVJRCICz+ ur LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G046.88+56.48 VJRCi+ gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G048.10+57.16 g+r+i+ ugr CFIS
PSZ2 G049.22+30.87 VJRC LC2,LoCuSS,WtG
PSZ2 G049.32+44.37 gr
PSZ2 G050.40+31.17 VJi+ gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G053.53+59.52 BJg+RCz+ LC2 CFIS
PSZ2 G055.59+31.85 VJRCi+ ugr LC2,CLASH-WL,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G056.77+36.32 LC2 CFIS
PSZ2 G056.93−55.08 BJVJRCICz+ ugri r+i+ LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G057.25−45.34 BJVJRCi+ICz+ ur r+ LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G057.61+34.93 ugr CFIS
PSZ2 G057.78+52.32 CFIS
PSZ2 G057.92+27.64 CFIS
PSZ2 G062.46−21.35 r
PSZ2 G066.41+27.03 i+ CFIS
PSZ2 G066.68+68.44 VJi+ i CFIS
PSZ2 G067.17+67.46 g+VJRCi+ gr LC2,LoCuSS,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G067.52+34.75 CFIS
PSZ2 G068.22+15.18 r
PSZ2 G071.63+29.78 CFIS
PSZ2 G072.62+41.46 BJVJRCi+ LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G073.97−27.82 BJVJRCi+ICz+ u LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G075.71+13.51 BJVJRCi+ i+ gr
PSZ2 G077.90−26.63 VJi+ gr
PSZ2 G080.16+57.65 CFIS
PSZ2 G080.37+14.64 r
PSZ2 G080.41−33.24 gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G083.29−31.03 BJRCICz+ ugri LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G083.86+85.09 VJ CFIS
PSZ2 G085.98+26.69 r CFIS
PSZ2 G087.03−57.37 BJVJRCi+ ri BJ, 842V843RC, 844 LC2,PSZ2LS,LoCuSS,WtG HSC-SSP,RCSLS,DES
PSZ2 G092.71+73.46 VJi+ LC2,LoCuSS,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G094.69+26.36 CFIS
PSZ2 G098.44+56.59 ugri LC2,PSZ2LS CFIS
PSZ2 G099.48+55.60 ugri LC2,PSZ2LS CFIS,CFHTLS
PSZ2 G105.55+77.21 i+ ugi CFIS
PSZ2 G106.87−83.23 VJi+ BJ, 842BJ, 878V843RC, 844 LC2,LoCuSS DES
PSZ2 G107.10+65.32 BJg+VJRCi+z+ gr LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G111.61−45.71 BJVJRCIC r+i+z+Y ugri LC2,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G111.75+70.37 CFIS
PSZ2 G113.29−29.69 gr LC2,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G113.91−37.01
PSZ2 G114.79−33.71 gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G124.20−36.48 VJi+ gr LC2,LoCuSS,CCCP100
PSZ2 G143.26+65.24 i+ r CFIS
PSZ2 G149.39−36.84 r
PSZ2 G155.27−68.42 r+i+ ugri DES
PSZ2 G159.91−73.50 BJVJRCi+z+ r+ BJ, 878V843IC, 879 LC2,CLASH-WL,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100 DES
PSZ2 G172.74+65.30 CFIS
PSZ2 G172.98−53.55 BJVJRCi+ICz+Y z+Y ugri JKS RC, 844IC, 879 LC2,WtG,CCCP100 HSC-SSP,DES
PSZ2 G179.09+60.12 gr LC2,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G186.37+37.26 VJi+ gr LC2,LoCuSS,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G187.53+21.92 VJi+ gr LC2,LoCuSS,CCCP100
PSZ2 G192.18+56.12 gr LC2,CCCP100 CFIS
PSZ2 G195.75−24.32 VJRCi+ gr B99V89RC, 844 LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G201.50−27.31 BJVJRCi+ICz+ ugri r+ JKSH LC2,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G204.10+16.51 ur
PSZ2 G205.93−39.46 VJRCIC r r+ KS LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G206.45+13.89 ur
PSZ2 G207.88+81.31 ri
PSZ2 G208.80−30.67 VJRCi+z+ gr r+ LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G210.64+17.09 r
PSZ2 G216.62+47.00 BJVJRCi+ICz+ i+ u LC2,WtG
PSZ2 G217.09+40.15 i+ ugri LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G217.40+10.88 r
PSZ2 G218.59+71.31 i+
PSZ2 G218.81+35.51 VJRCi+ LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G224.00+69.33 VJi+ gr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G225.93−19.99 r+i+ KS
PSZ2 G226.18+76.79 BJVJRCi+ ugr LC2,CCCP100
PSZ2 G228.16+75.20 BJVJRCi+ICz+ z+ ur KS LC2,CLASH-WL,WtG
PSZ2 G229.74+77.96 i+
PSZ2 G238.69+63.26 VJi+
PSZ2 G239.27−26.01 r+i+ DES
PSZ2 G241.11−28.68 r+ RC, 844 DES
PSZ2 G243.15−73.84 r+i+ KiDS,DES
PSZ2 G243.64+67.74 r
PSZ2 G259.98−63.43 r+i+ B99BJ, 878V843V89RC, 844RC, 162IC, 879 LC2 DES
PSZ2 G262.27−35.38 r+ BJ, 842BJ, 878V843RC, 844IC, 879 LC2 DES
PSZ2 G262.73−40.92 DES
PSZ2 G263.68−22.55 r+ BJ, 841B99BJ, 878V843RC, 844IC, 879 LC2 DES
PSZ2 G266.04−21.25 r+ JKS BJ, 842BJ, 878V843RC, 844IC, 845 LC2 DES
PSZ2 G266.83+25.08 i+ r+
PSZ2 G271.18−30.95 r+ KS DES
PSZ2 G273.59+63.27 r+i+ BJ, 842V843RC, 844 LC2 HSC-SSP,KiDS
PSZ2 G277.76−51.74 RC, 844 DES
PSZ2 G278.58+39.16 g+r+ r i+ BJ, 842BJ, 878V843RC, 844 LC2
PSZ2 G283.91+73.87 ugri
PSZ2 G284.41+52.45 BJVJRCICz+ gri r+ KS BJ, 878V843RC, 844IC, 879 LC2,CLASH-WL,WtG
PSZ2 G285.63+72.75 VJi+ ugri LC2
PSZ2 G286.98+32.90 g+r+ g g+i+ KS V843RC, 844IC, 879 LC2
PSZ2 G287.46+81.12 r
PSZ2 G313.33+61.13 BJVJRCi+z+ r+i+ JKS B99BJ, 878V843RC, 844RC, 162IC, 879 LC2,LoCuSS HSC-SSP,KiDS
PSZ2 G313.88−17.11 r+
PSZ2 G324.04+48.79 VJRCICz+ ugri r+ KS BJ, 878V843RC, 844IC, 879 LC2,CLASH-WL,WtG,CCCP100
PSZ2 G325.70+17.34
PSZ2 G339.63−69.34 DES
PSZ2 G340.36+60.58 IC gr r+i+ BJ, 878V843 LC2,LoCuSS,WtG,CCCP100 HSC-SSP,KiDS
PSZ2 G340.94+35.07 i r+
PSZ2 G346.61+35.06 i+ g+r+i+
PSZ2 G349.46−59.95 g+r+i+ KS BJ, 842V843RC, 844IC, 879z+, 846 LC2,CLASH-WL DES

Notes. Columns 2–5: Available observations in multi-band filters at worldwide facilities, see Table C.2. We only considered observations with an exposure time rescaled to an equivalent Subaru dish area longer than 3 min. Column 6: WL samples from literature; CLASH-WL are the CLASH clusters with measured WL mass from Umetsu et al. (2016) or Merten et al. (2015); WtG from Applegate et al. (2014); CCCP100 is the combined CCCP plus MENeaCS sample from Herbonnet et al. (2020); LoCuSS from Okabe & Smith (2016); PSZ2LenS from Sereno et al. (2017); LC2 from LC2 (Sereno 2015). Column 7: WL surveys to be completed by 2022: the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program (Aihara et al. 2018, HSC-SSP); the Canada France Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey (CFHTLenS, Heymans et al. 2012); Red Cluster Sequence Lensing Survey (RCSLenS, Hildebrandt et al. 2016); Kilo-Degree Survey (KiDS, de Jong et al. 2013); Dark Energy Survey (DES, Dark Energy Survey Collaboration 2016). For ongoing surveys, we considered the final planned footprint.

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