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Table 1

Energy levels (Ryd) for the lowest lying 53 fine-structure states in Ni II obtained from Models 1 and 2.

Level Config Term Model 1 Model 2 NIST Abs Error: Abs Error:
(Ryd) (Ryd) (Ryd) Model 1 Model 2
1 3d9 2D5∕2 0.0000E+00 0.0000E+00 0.0000E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00
2 3d9 2D3∕2 1.4000E-02 1.4792E-02 1.3732E-02 2.67E-04 1.06E-03
3 3d84s 4F9∕2 5.6025E-02 6.4277E-02 7.6491E-02 2.05E-02 1.22E-02
4 3d84s 4F7∕2 6.6814E-02 7.3017E-02 8.5022E-02 1.82E-02 1.20E-02
5 3d84s 4F5∕2 7.5422E-02 8.0110E-02 9.2181E-02 1.68E-02 1.21E-02
6 3d84s 4F3∕2 8.1427E-02 8.5123E-02 9.7177E-02 1.57E-02 1.21E-02
7 3d84s 2F7∕2 1.4234E-01 1.2687E-01 1.2348E-01 1.89E-02 3.39E-03
8 3d84s 2F5∕2 1.5828E-01 1.4008E-01 1.3665E-01 2.16E-02 3.43E-03
9 3d84s 4P5∕2 2.1485E-01 2.2264E-01 2.1058E-01 4.27E-03 1.21E-02
10 3d84s 2D3∕2 2.3365E-01 2.3068E-01 2.1685E-01 5.90E-03 1.38E-02
11 3d84s 4P1∕2 2.3222E-01 2.3575E-01 2.2632E-01 1.80E-03 9.42E-03
12 3d84s 4P3∕2 2.2409E-01 2.4019E-01 2.2589E-01 1.68E-02 1.43E-02
13 3d84s 2D5∕2 2.3804E-01 2.4421E-01 2.2815E-01 9.89E-03 1.61E-02
14 3d84s 2P3∕2 3.1159E-01 2.8759E-01 2.6491E-01 4.67E-02 2.27E-02
15 3d84s 2P1∕2 3.1760E-01 2.9226E-01 2.6968E-01 4.79E-02 2.26E-02
16 3d84s 2G9∕2 3.0330E-01 3.1038E-01 2.9616E-01 7.14E-03 1.42E-02
17 3d84s 2G7∕2 3.0377E-01 3.1073E-01 2.9638E-01 7.39E-03 1.44E-02
18 3d74s2 4F9∕2 8.2037E-01 4.9599E-01 4.6516E-01 3.55E-01 3.08E-02
19 3d74s2 4F7∕2 8.3577E-01 5.0788E-01 4.7574E-01 3.60E-01 3.21E-02
20 3d74s2 4F5∕2 8.4650E-01 5.1643E-01 4.8332E-01 3.63E-01 3.31E-02
21 3d74s2 4F3∕2 8.5361E-01 5.2220E-01 4.8845E-01 3.65E-01 3.37E-02
22 3d84p 4D 4.4645E-01 4.7718E-01 4.6983E-01 2.34E-02 7.35E-03
23 3d84p 4D 4.5950E-01 4.8730E-01 4.8059E-01 2.11E-02 6.71E-03
24 3d84p 4D 4.6938E-01 4.9482E-01 4.8875E-01 1.94E-02 6.07E-03
25 3d84p 4G 4.6667E-01 5.0274E-01 4.8630E-01 1.96E-02 1.64E-02
26 3d84p 4G 4.6332E-01 5.0182E-01 4.8750E-01 2.42E-02 1.43E-02
27 3d8 4p 4D 4.7533E-01 4.9940E-01 4.9369E-01 1.84E-02 5.71E-03
28 3d8 4p 4G 4.7525E-01 5.0916E-01 4.9448E-01 1.92E-02 1.47E-02
29 3d8 4p 4F 4.8112E-01 5.1165E-01 4.9716E-01 1.60E-02 1.45E-02
30 3d8 4p 4G 4.8261E-01 5.1501E-01 5.0137E-01 1.88E-02 1.36E-02
31 3d8 4p 4F 4.9066E-01 5.1872E-01 5.0500E-01 1.43E-02 1.37E-02
32 3d8 4p 2G 4.9359E-01 5.2352E-01 5.0393E-01 1.03E-02 1.96E-02
33 3d8 4p 4F 4.9789E-01 5.2366E-01 5.1100E-01 1.31E-02 1.27E-02
34 3d8 4p 4F 5.0210E-01 5.2655E-01 5.1418E-01 1.21E-02 1.24E-02
35 3d8 4p 2G 5.0918E-01 5.3547E-01 5.1369E-01 4.52E-03 2.18E-02
36 3d8 4p 2F 5.1793E-01 5.4731E-01 5.2016E-01 2.23E-03 2.72E-02
37 3d8 4p 2D 5.3869E-01 5.5494E-01 5.2325E-01 1.54E-02 3.17E-02
38 3d8 4p 2F 5.2442E-01 5.6646E-01 5.3303E-01 8.61E-03 3.34E-02
39 3d8 4p 2D 5.4054E-01 5.7090E-01 5.3497E-01 5.57E-03 3.59E-02
40 3d8 4p 4P 9.9391E-01 6.7279E-01 6.1857E-01 3.75E-01 5.42E-02
41 3d7 4s2 4P3∕2 9.9574E-01 6.7557E-01 6.2109E-01 3.75E-01 5.45E-02
42 3d7 4s2 2G9∕2 9.9144E-01 6.7653E-01 6.4116E-01 3.50E-01 3.54E-02
43 3d7 4s2 4P1∕2 1.0047E+00 6.8154E-01 6.2613E-01 3.79E-01 5.54E-02
44 3d7 4s2 2G7∕2 1.0066E+00 6.8816E-01 6.5117E-01 3.55E-01 3.70E-02
45 3d8 4p 4P 6.0621E-01 6.4828E-01 6.0672E-01 5.12E-04 4.16E-02
46 3d8 4p 4P 6.0633E-01 6.4924E-01 6.0664E-01 3.13E-04 4.26E-02
47 3d8 4p 4P 6.0957E-01 6.5101E-01 6.1083E-01 1.26E-03 4.02E-02
48 3d8 4p 2F 6.1599E-01 6.5823E-01 6.1688E-01 8.86E-04 4.14E-02
49 3d8 4p 2P 6.2351E-01 6.6049E-01 6.2223E-01 1.28E-03 3.83E-02
50 3d8 4p 2F 6.1932E-01 6.6134E-01 6.2086E-01 1.54E-03 4.05E-02
51 3d8 4p 2P 6.3051E-01 6.6505E-01 6.2846E-01 2.05E-03 3.66E-02
52 3d8 4p 2D 6.3579E-01 6.7028E-01 6.2107E-01 1.47E-02 4.92E-02
53 3d8 4p 2D 6.5633E-01 6.7220E-01 6.4368E-01 1.27E-02 4.58E-02

Notes. Comparisons are made with data available in NIST and the absolute errors for both models when compared to NIST.

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