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Table A.3.

Results for Si III: Comparison between computed lifetimes, in length (τl) and velocity (τv) gauge, from our calculations.

RCI (a)

Level τl τv τMCHF-BP(b) τMBPT(c) τobs(d) τobs(e)
3s3p 3P 7.679E−05 7.822E−05 5.809E−05 1.010E−04
3s3p 1P 4.024E−10 4.010E−10 4.050E−10 4.290E−10 (4 ± 1)E−10
3p21D2 3.438E−08 3.331E−08 3.273E−08 4.570E−08 (2.60 ± 0.15)E−08 (2.6 ± 0.3)E−08
3p23P0 4.747E−10 4.726E−10 4.779E−10 4.650E−10 (5.0 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (3.4 ± 1.0)E−10
3p23P1 4.735E−10 4.714E−10 4.764E−10 4.740E−10 (5.0 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (3.4 ± 1.0)E−10
3p23P2 4.715E−10 4.693E−10 4.741E−10 4.210E−10 (5.0 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (3.4 ± 1.0)E−10
3s3d 3D3 3.564E−10 3.564E−10 3.524E−10 3.770E−10
3s3d 3D2 3.540E−10 3.545E−10 3.506E−10 3.740E−10
3s3d 3D1 3.523E−10 3.531E−10 3.494E−10 3.740E−10
3s4s 3S1 4.069E−10 4.078E−10 4.068E−10
3p21S0 4.328E−10 4.306E−10 4.440E−10 4.760E−10 (5.8 ± 0.4)E−10(f)
3s4s 1S0 1.172E−09 1.178E−09 1.112E−09
3s3d 1D2 2.185E−10 2.186E−10 2.170E−10 2.320E−10
3s4p 3P 3.400E−09 3.422E−09 3.409E−09 (3.3 ± 0.3)E−09 (4.1 ± 0.5)E−09
3s4p 3P 3.385E−09 3.403E−09 3.390E−09 (3.6 ± 0.3)E−09 (4.5 ± 0.5)E−09
3s4p 3P 3.367E−09 3.375E−09 3.373E−09
3s4p 1P 1.972E−09 1.992E−09 1.926E−09
3p3d 3F 9.971E−07 1.160E−06 1.124E−06 0.023E−06
3p3d 3F 8.869E−07 1.004E−06 2.210E−06 0.025E−06
3p3d 3F 9.678E−07 1.272E−06 2.378E−06 0.026E−06
3s4d 3D3 2.871E−09 2.872E−09 2.818E−09 (3.3 ± 0.3)E−09 (4.0 ± 0.4)E−09
3s4d 3D2 2.837E−09 2.846E−09 2.797E−09 (3.3 ± 0.3)E−09 (4.0 ± 0.4)E−09
3s4d 3D1 2.814E−09 2.829E−09 2.783E−09 (3.3 ± 0.3)E−09 (4.0 ± 0.4)E−09
3s4d 1D2 1.263E−09 1.270E−09 1.294E−09 (1.25 ± 0.15)E−09 (1.9 ± 0.3)E−09
3s4f 1F 6.169E−10 6.185E−10 5.979E−10
3p3d 1D 4.277E−10 4.273E−10 4.263E−10 3.800E−10
3s5s 3S1 7.438E−10 7.467E−10
3s5s 1S0 1.111E−09 1.114E−09
3s4f 3F 4.795E−10 4.788E−10 (5.1 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (12 ± 1)E−10
3s4f 3F 4.793E−10 4.786E−10 (5.1 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (12 ± 1)E−10
3s4f 3F 4.790E−10 4.780E−10 (5.1 ± 0.3)E−10(f) (12 ± 1)E−10
3s5p 1P 1.279E−09 1.288E−09
3s5p 3P 2.270E−09 2.276E−09
3s5p 3P 2.875E−09 2.889E−09
3s5p 3P 3.253E−09 3.273E−09
3p3d 3P 3.216E−10 3.225E−10
3p3d 3P 3.096E−10 3.110E−10
3p3d 3P 3.056E−10 3.076E−10
3p3d 3D 2.016E−10 2.025E−10 (3.6 ± 0.4)E−10
3p3d 3D 2.020E−10 2.023E−10 (3.6 ± 0.4)E−10
3p3d 3D 2.023E−10 2.028E−10 (3.6 ± 0.4)E−10
3s5f 1F 4.807E−10 4.824E−10 (10 ± 5)E−10
3p4s 3P 4.548E−10 4.538E−10
3p4s 3P 4.520E−10 4.511E−10
3p4s 3P 4.474E−10 4.468E−10
3s5d 3D3 8.682E−09 8.748E−09
3s5d 3D2 8.646E−09 8.735E−09
3s5d 3D1 8.617E−09 8.734E−09
3s5d 1D2 5.794E−09 5.833E−09
3p4s 1P 4.245E−10 4.246E−10
3s6s 3S1 1.285E−09 1.291E−09
3s5f 3F 9.537E−10 9.544E−10 (14 ± 2)E−10
3s5f 3F 9.555E−10 9.566E−10 (14 ± 2)E−10
3s5f 3F 9.511E−10 9.517E−10 (14 ± 2)E−10
3s5g 3G3 2.775E−09 2.772E−09 (4.3 ± 0.5)E−09
3s5g 3G4 2.776E−09 2.773E−09 (4.3 ± 0.5)E−09
3s5g 3G5 2.775E−09 2.773E−09 (4.3 ± 0.5)E−09
3s5g 1G4 2.779E−09 2.774E−09
3s6s 1S0 1.810E−09 1.815E−09
3s6p 3P 9.157E−09 9.335E−09
3s6p 3P 8.981E−09 9.117E−09
3s6p 3P 9.032E−09 9.105E−09
3p3d 1P 2.809E−10 2.843E−10
3s5f 1F 3.995E−10 4.003E−10
3s6p 1P 1.129E−09 1.136E−09
3s6d 3D1 5.243E−09 5.354E−09
3s6d 3D2 5.548E−09 5.645E−09
3s6d 3D3 5.953E−09 6.035E−09
3s6d 1D2 1.081E−08 1.095E−08
3s7s 3S1 2.009E−09 2.021E−09
3s6f 3F 1.676E−09 1.679E−09
3s6f 3F 1.684E−09 1.687E−09
3s6f 3F 1.690E−09 1.695E−09
3s6g 3G3 4.764E−09 4.748E−09
3s6g 3G4 4.782E−09 4.763E−09
3s6g 1G4 4.802E−09 4.793E−09
3s6g 3G5 4.759E−09 4.754E−09
3s7s 1S0 2.849E−09 2.859E−09
3p4p 1P1 6.436E−10 6.446E−10
3s6f 1F 8.651E−10 8.659E−10
3p4p 3D1 7.732E−10 7.724E−10
3s7p 3P 1.524E−08 1.561E−08
3s7p 3P 1.521E−08 1.551E−08
3s7p 3P 1.518E−08 1.535E−08
3p4p 3D2 7.715E−10 7.714E−10
3p4p 3D3 7.665E−10 7.664E−10
3s7p 1P 7.755E−09 7.978E−09
3s7d 1D2 3.670E−09 3.710E−09
3p4p 3P0 7.308E−10 7.301E−10
3p4p 3P1 7.334E−10 7.326E−10
3p4p 3P2 7.504E−10 7.493E−10
3p4p 3S1 9.027E−10 9.046E−10
3s7d 3D1 6.279E−09 6.118E−09
3s7d 3D2 5.964E−09 5.850E−09
3s7d 3D3 5.550E−09 5.492E−09
3s7f 3F 2.689E−09 2.697E−09
3s7f 3F 2.708E−09 2.718E−09
3s7f 3F 2.722E−09 2.736E−09
3s7g 3G3 7.614E−09 7.543E−09
3s7g 3G4 7.632E−09 7.616E−09
3s7g 1G4 7.804E−09 7.727E−09
3s7g 3G5 7.610E−09 7.609E−09
3s7f 1F 1.713E−09 1.723E−09

Notes. The present values from the RCI calculations are compared to the predicted lifetimes from MCHF-BP (b) (τMCHF-BP) and MBPT (c) (τMBPT) models, as well as experimental results , with stated uncertainties. All values are given in seconds.



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