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Table 2

Spectral types for all stars in our sample.

Star Spectral type Star Spectral type Star Spectral type

PG0001+275 sdB2VII:He3 PG1426−067 sdO8VIII:He0 PG1715+273 sdB1VII:He35
PG0004+133 sdB2.5V:He7 PG1432+004 sdB2VII:He6 PG1716+426 sdB2VII:He3
PG0009+036a sdB2VII:He4p PG1433+240 sdB2VII:He4 PG1722+286q sdB0VII:He10p
PG0039+135 sdOC7VII:He40 PG1441+407 sdO7VII:He40 PG1724+590 sdB2VII:He5
PG0057+155b sdB0.2VIII:He8p PG1448−052 sdO8VII:He0 PG1725+252 sdB1.5VII:He2
PG0101+040 sdB2VII:He4 PG1451+492 sdB3VI:He6 PG1738+505 sdB1.5VII:He12
PG0133+114 sdB1.5VII:He4 PG1452+198 sdB0.5VIII:He7 PG1739+489 sdB2VII:He3
PG0135+243 sdBC1V:He35 PG1453−081 sdB5IV:He7 PG1743+477 sdB2VII:He7
PG0142+148 sdB2VI:He2 PG1453−085 sdB8III:He0 PG2059+013 sdB1VI:He13
PG0208+016 sdO9VII:He39 PG1458+423 sdB1.5VII:He0 PG2111+023 sdB7V:He6
PG0209−015 sdB3VII:He4 PG1506−052 sdO7VI:He1 PG2120+062 sdO9V:He17
PG0229+064 sdB3V:He13 PG1510+635 sdB8IV:He0 PG2148+095 sdB0.5V:He2
PG0240+046 sdBC0.2VII:He24 PG1518−098j sdOC2VI:He40e PG2151+100 sdB0VII:He0
PG0242+132 sdB0.5V:He10 PG1519+640 sdB1.5VII:He5 PG2158+082 sdO2VIII:He40
PG0304+184 sdB8V:He2 PG1526+440 sdBC0.2VII:He26 PG2159+051 sdB7III:He3
PG0314+146 sdOC7VII:He40 PG1532+523 sdB1VII:He4 PG2204+035 sdB1VII:He10
PG0314+180b sdO3VIII:He1p PG1534−018 sdOC6.5VII:He40 PG2205+023b sdB2VIII:He0p
PG0342+026 sdB3VII:He4 PG1536+690 sdOC2VIII:He40 PG2215+151 sdOC9VII:He40
PG0838+133 sdOC7VII:He40 PG1537−046k sdOC2VII:He40e PG2218+020 sdB2.5VII:He3
PG0856+121 sdB3VII:He0 PG1538+401 sdO9VIII:He0 PG2219+094a sdB0.5V:He7p
PG0902+058 sdBN0VII:He38 PG1543+629 sdO7VII:He1 PG2229+099 sdB5III:He11
PG0906+597c sdO2VIII:He1 PG1544+488a sdBC1VII:He39p PG2258+155 sdB0.2VII:He39
PG0907+123 sdB2VI:He2 PG1544+601 sdB1.5VII:He1 PG2259+134 sdB1VII:He9
PG0909+164 sdO8VII:He1 PG1545+035l sdO2VI:He12e PG2301+259 sdB3IV:He5
PG0909+276 sdB0.5VII:He19 PG1549+006m sdB0.2VI:He7e PG2314+076r sdB1.5VIII:He0p
PG0918+029 sdB1VII:He6 PG1553−077n sdOC7VII:He40e PG2317+046 sdO8VII:He1
PG0920+029 sdB2VI:He3 PG1554+408 sdBN0.2VII:He39 PG2318+239 sdB5III:He7
PG0921+161 sdB0VII:He9 PG1558−007 sdB3VII:He3 PG2321+214 sdBN0VII:He37
PG0921+311 sdBN0VII:He35 PG1559+048 sdBC0.2VII:He22 PG2331+038 sdB1.5VII:He2
PG0934+145 sdB5IV:He7 PG1559+222 sdBN0.2VII:He38 PG2337+070 sdB1.5VII:He9
PG0954+049 sdB8III:He2 PG1559+533 sdB2VII:He3 PG2339+199 sdBC1VII:He34
PG1017+431 sdO8VI:He1 PG1600+171 sdOC8VII:He39 PG2345+241 sdB3IV:He12
PG1018−047 sdB2VII:He0 PG1602+013o sdO5VI:He2pe PG2349+002 sdB2VII:He0
PG1047+003 sdO9VII:He6 PG1605+072 sdB0.2VI:He3 PG2351+198 sdB5III:He4
PG1049+013d sdO8VI:He1pe PG1607+174 sdB2VII:He18 PG2352+181 sdO7VII:He40
PG1050−065 sdB0.2VII:He12 PG1610+519 sdO8VI:He1 PG2358+107 sdB2VII:He4
PG1118+061 sdB1.5VII:He1 PG1613+467 sdB2VII:He5 BD−7 3477 sdB2VII:He3
PG1127+019 sdOC9VII:He40 PG1615+413 sdBN1VII:He37 BD+25 3941a sdB0.5VI:He9p
PG1136−003e sdB1VII:He1e PG1618+563 sdB0VII:He8 BD+28 4211 sdO2VIII:He5
PG1154−070 sdB2VII:He5 PG1619+522 sdB0.5VII:He7 Feige 15 sdA0IV:He1
PG1220−056f sdO3VII:He40e PG1619+525 sdB0.5VIII:He7 Feige 38 sdB1.5VII:He3
PG1230+067 sdBN0VII:He39 PG1624+085 sdO9VII:He39 Feige 56 sdB8III:He2
PG1245−042g sdB7IV:He3e PG1627+006p sdB2.5VII:He3e Feige 98 sdB9III:He1
PG1246−122h sdO8V:He19p PG1627+017 sdB3VII:He3 Feige 110 sdO8VIII:He5
PG1249+762 sdOC2VIII:He36 PG1629+466 sdBN0.2VII:He29 FHB 18 sdA0IV:He0
PG1255+547 sdB0.5VII:He11 PG1640+645 sdB0VII:He9 HD 14829 sdA0IV:He0
PG1258−030 sdB8IV:He1 PG1644+404 sdB1.5VII:He2 HD 160641 sdOC9.5II-III:He40
PG1300+279a sdO6.5VII:He35p PG1645+610 sdB1VII:He5 HS0016+0044 sdB1.5VII:He2
PG1303−114 sdB0.2VII:He3 PG1646+607 sdO7VIII:He36 HS1000+471 sdBC0.2VII:He28
PG1323−086 sdB3I:He8 PG1648+315 sdBC0.5VII:He28 HS1844+637 sdB1VII:He39
PG1325+054 sdO8VII:He40 PG1648+536 sdB1VII:He0 HS2253+0900 sdB8IV:He2
PG1336−018 sdB1VII:He1 PG1653+633 sdO9VIII:He10 HS2301+0728 sdB8III:He0
PG1343+578i sdB5III:He2p PG1656+600 sdB1VIII:He0 HZ 15 sdB2II:He15
PG1343−102 sdB1.5VII:He0 PG1658+273 sdOC9.5VII:He39 HZ 44 sdBN0VII:He28
PG1348+607 sdOC1VII:He40 PG1701+359 sdB1VI:He0 LSIV−14 116 sdB0.5VII:He18
PG1352−023 sdO8VIII:He7 PG1704+222 sdB3I:He8 LSIV+6 2 sdBC1V:He39
PG1355−064 sdO2VIII:He40 PG1705+537 sdB5III:He5 LSS 5121 sdBC0II:He40
PG1401+289 sdOC7VII:He40 PG1707+657 sdB0.2VII:He9 PHL 4s sdO2VI:He11e
PG1409−103 sdO5VI:He1 PG1708+142 sdB2.5IV:He11 Ton 107 sdBC0.2VII:He27
PG1413+114 sdOC9.5VII:He39 PG1708+602 sdO2VII:He14
PG1415+492 sdBC1V:He38 PG1710+490 sdB1.5VII:He3



Lines unusually broad;


unidentified absorption feature near λ 4500 Å;


spectrum very noisy;


unidentified broad absorption feature near λ 4265 Å; λλ 4326, 4627, 4703 emission;


λλ 4510, 4671, 4749, 4775 emission;


λλ 4324, 4509, 4637, 4774 emission;


λλ 4360, 4772 emission;


HeI lines show wind profiles;


weak G band?


λλ 4325, 4651 emission;


λλ 4326, 4510–11, 4599–4601, 4615, 4776 emission;


λλ 4508, 4567, 4654–7, 4721, 4758, 4773 emission;


λλ 4326, 4510, 4704, 4760, 4775 emission;


λλ 4326, 4383, 4703, 4774 emission;


λ 4509 emission; weak G band?


λλ 4369, 4409, 4792 emission;


unidentified absorption feature near λ 4530 Å; broad emission feature near λ 4735 Å;


unusually narrow HeI λ 4144 and CII λ 4267;


λλ 4329, 4365, 4705, 4828 emission.

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