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Table A.2

207 VVV RRab matching a variable in the General Cataloge of Variable Stars (GCVS).


|J2701020.22411613.9 V0462 CrA |J2741313.37375727.9 IP CrA |J2755443.71341148.1 V2539 Sgr
|J2701149.18420358.3 V0463 CrA |J2741423.44381809.1 V0536 CrA |J2755521.67312549.7 V3212 Sgr
|J2702437.84395238.8 LM CrA |J2741507.38341727.9 V2874 Sgr |J2755625.55315420.3 V3216 Sgr
|J2703434.23413322.1 V0469 CrA |J2741640.08341613.8 V2878 Sgr |J2755732.00335639.4 V3213 Sgr
|J2704032.86393612.4 LT CrA |J2742121.33334742.4 V2896 Sgr |J2755903.99320723.9 V2540 Sgr
|J2705536.91392615.5 MV CrA |J2742130.69361312.1 V2889 Sgr |J2760118.99313547.9 V3232 Sgr
|J2705759.29390948.3 MY CrA |J2742153.30354403.3 V2890 Sgr |J2760406.80325426.8 V3242 Sgr
|J2710402.86390041.6 NR CrA |J2742329.54353109.9 V2899 Sgr |J2760436.45343055.4 V3237 Sgr
|J2710759.32411700.5 V0482 CrA |J2742533.40344836.6 V0715 Sgr |J2760556.25323912.0 V3248 Sgr
|J2712342.04421647.8 V0483 CrA |J2742625.55333214.2 V2914 Sgr |J2760606.68341657.6 V3244 Sgr
|J2712711.57421314.0 V0486 CrA |J2742639.96335654.5 V2912 Sgr |J2760655.55315252.5 V3253 Sgr
|J2712900.58394418.1 OS CrA |J2742728.37335146.2 V2920 Sgr |J2761027.42324524.7 V3258 Sgr
|J2713907.68393543.8 OX CrA |J2742743.43360357.6 V2910 Sgr |J2761128.83320258.6 V3243 Sgr
|J2714040.42410352.1 V0398 CrA |J2742802.34372251.6 IQ CrA |J2761405.62344158.5 V2541 Sgr
|J2714403.10385517.7 V0399 CrA |J2743124.89363810.4 V2930 Sgr |J2761706.92310451.3 V3287 Sgr
|J2720006.03374514.8 GK CrA |J2743157.25361359.6 V2933 Sgr |J2761732.22332547.6 V3281 Sgr
|J2720110.20372205.5 GO CrA |J2743205.87341844.2 V2514 Sgr |J2762038.45333047.8 V3292 Sgr
|J2721040.55385557.8 PY CrA |J2743253.79350633.2 V2938 Sgr |J2762108.32305632.3 V3301 Sgr
|J2721703.45405758.1 V0499 CrA |J2743337.74325645.4 V2516 Sgr |J2762158.12333306.2 V3298 Sgr
|J2722023.79404349.4 QV CrA |J2743417.14361754.9 V2941 Sgr |J2762248.05305030.6 V3304 Sgr
|J2722138.38390932.1 QX CrA |J2743610.45363713.1 V2950 Sgr |J2762300.12300107.2 V1606 Sgr
|J2722725.85364838.9 V0636 Sgr |J2743934.92351351.3 V2967 Sgr |J2762312.42305056.7 V3306 Sgr
|J2724552.44385054.5 V0506 CrA |J2744307.84344107.2 V2978 Sgr |J2762441.01310836.5 V3309 Sgr
|J2724759.12372125.4 HN CrA |J2744421.33330033.9 V2990 Sgr |J2762515.00314838.5 V3310 Sgr
|J2724855.95362110.3 V0650 Sgr |J2744713.95335354.1 V2995 Sgr |J2762704.57313947.8 V1607 Sgr
|J2725320.81392737.7 V0344 CrA |J2744743.71330421.6 V3010 Sgr |J2762905.51320926.8 V2545 Sgr
|J2730536.57360134.7 V2632 Sgr |J2744908.67354855.4 V3000 Sgr |J2762939.84333527.9 V3317 Sgr
|J2730736.80352109.1 V2635 Sgr |J2744915.47331351.5 V3015 Sgr |J2763120.75321939.7 V3320 Sgr
|J2730922.26350757.4 V2639 Sgr |J2744926.42361647.4 V3001 Sgr |J2763156.71312211.2 V3323 Sgr
|J2731008.91364330.2 V2637 Sgr |J2744951.66363429.4 V3004 Sgr |J2763530.59342942.5 V3327 Sgr
|J2731133.29352457.1 V0666 Sgr |J2745055.55352208.4 V3016 Sgr |J2763657.89332124.7 V3330 Sgr
|J2731501.17362149.5 V0667 Sgr |J2745144.30345327.4 V2519 Sgr |J2763804.58314222.7 V3336 Sgr
|J2731638.55354528.3 V2663 Sgr |J2750154.72344558.4 V3053 Sgr |J2764121.09314838.8 V3344 Sgr
|J2732239.38354714.7 V2686 Sgr |J2750300.47354837.4 V2523 Sgr |J2764232.11310954.7 V3346 Sgr
|J2732624.49375455.2 HU CrA |J2750422.74352722.1 V3060 Sgr |J2764936.45285937.0 V1302 Sgr
|J2732728.37392931.4 V0355 CrA |J2750922.26335458.0 V1186 Sgr |J2765058.13321408.8 V3357 Sgr
|J2732809.37361430.8 V0677 Sgr |J2750941.96341525.6 V3078 Sgr |J2765205.63334444.1 V3358 Sgr
|J2732945.94363846.1 V0678 Sgr |J2751318.41355135.9 V3090 Sgr |J2765316.64322845.3 V2550 Sgr
|J2733036.67363624.9 V3906 Sgr |J2751357.07335539.8 V3093 Sgr |J2765317.11331057.0 V3364 Sgr
|J2733048.87380355.7 HX CrA |J2751532.70334829.5 V1597 Sgr |J2765711.13333149.7 V3372 Sgr
|J2733347.46345714.6 V2727 Sgr |J2751657.42335646.1 V1598 Sgr |J2770024.84331118.4 V3377 Sgr
|J2733444.42352242.8 V2728 Sgr |J2751727.49364205.6 V3096 Sgr |J2770608.32291328.3 V2555 Sgr
|J2733638.45351449.5 V2734 Sgr |J2751751.21314347.1 V3109 Sgr |J2770710.90330519.7 V2554 Sgr
|J2733824.84355455.0 V2739 Sgr |J2752229.17321151.5 V1600 Sgr |J2770759.88311120.0 V3399 Sgr
|J2733840.20345906.3 V2744 Sgr |J2752614.30340940.9 V1859 Sgr |J2770948.40322348.4 V3402 Sgr
|J2734127.19352035.6 V2753 Sgr |J2752744.07313614.3 V1291 Sgr |J2771305.28323916.3 V3410 Sgr
|J2734129.53362705.8 V2748 Sgr |J2752752.85340554.6 V3140 Sgr |J2771320.04312151.2 V3414 Sgr
|J2734436.09351324.8 V2758 Sgr |J2752826.49342410.7 V3141 Sgr |J2771327.30325251.9 V1611 Sgr
|J2734637.38345411.4 V2770 Sgr |J2753005.28322139.1 V3150 Sgr |J2771618.16312636.2 V3419 Sgr
|J2734659.51364323.7 V2767 Sgr |J2753217.00340440.9 V3152 Sgr |J2772302.34300956.8 V2564 Sgr
|J2734735.04382330.9 V0364 CrA |J2753226.84321623.3 V3153 Sgr |J2772755.20310506.1 V2566 Sgr
|J2734959.70365402.8 V0694 Sgr |J2753305.16343822.8 V1292 Sgr |J2772830.47310517.6 V2567 Sgr
|J2735029.17344201.2 V2780 Sgr |J2753458.47321936.8 V3162 Sgr |J2773243.47323112.6 V3456 Sgr
|J2735217.92360538.7 V0695 Sgr |J2753615.82310753.9 V2535 Sgr |J2773409.84283514.5 V1620 Sgr
|J2735345.71344202.4 V0696 Sgr |J2753746.29312237.5 V3169 Sgr |J2773624.61305556.1 V3468 Sgr
|J2735602.11372806.6 XX CrA |J2753937.74333105.5 V3170 Sgr |J2773653.55300103.9 V1621 Sgr
|J2735942.07352754.8 V2806 Sgr |J2753946.75311226.6 V3173 Sgr |J2774119.92322237.8 V2355 Sgr
|J2740129.76382259.4 V0533 CrA |J2754046.99315352.7 V3174 Sgr |J2774210.91310954.4 V3477 Sgr
|J2740343.90364712.9 V2821 Sgr |J2754118.51360331.8 V3168 Sgr |J2774605.04321729.7 V3484 Sgr
|J2740423.85365626.5 V0700 Sgr |J2754257.08313412.0 V3178 Sgr |J2774758.36314114.2 V3489 Sgr
|J2740455.20353803.8 V0702 Sgr |J2754533.05335723.9 V3180 Sgr |J2774809.03314441.3 V3490 Sgr
|J2740715.58351629.9 V0706 Sgr |J2754558.25320110.0 V3188 Sgr |J2775727.88311535.4 V2574 Sgr
|J2740722.74352507.5 V0707 Sgr |J2754619.69343303.0 V3183 Sgr |J2780805.50310924.2 V1625 Sgr
|J2740748.40351726.8 V0708 Sgr |J2754708.67341138.0 V3186 Sgr |J2780843.71312018.5 V2582 Sgr
|J2740804.45334141.8 V2844 Sgr |J2754826.49341617.6 V1295 Sgr |J2781001.76313547.4 V2583 Sgr
|J2741013.01354614.0 V2846 Sgr |J2754847.92314745.3 V3193 Sgr |J2781358.59312612.9 V3539 Sgr
|J2741048.75340122.3 V2852 Sgr |J2754919.80325428.2 V3191 Sgr |J2791305.39291045.1 V2597 Sgr
|J2741123.21333359.5 V2859 Sgr |J2754928.83311656.0 V3197 Sgr |J2792632.46281530.6 V1201 Sgr
|J2741224.96352017.7 V2857 Sgr |J2755001.53333533.8 V3192 Sgr |J2793223.91274127.0 V2374 Sgr

Notes. VVV IDs and the respective GCVS names are presented.

Current usage metrics show cumulative count of Article Views (full-text article views including HTML views, PDF and ePub downloads, according to the available data) and Abstracts Views on Vision4Press platform.

Data correspond to usage on the plateform after 2015. The current usage metrics is available 48-96 hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days.

Initial download of the metrics may take a while.