Astronomy & Astrophysics: Special issues

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GREGOR first results
Gaia Data Release 1
Planck 2015 results
The XXL Survey: First results
Rosetta mission results pre-perihelion
Planck 2013 results
GREAT: early science results
Planck early results
Herschel/HIFI: first science highlights
Pre-launch status of the Planck mission
Herschel: the first science highlights
Science with AKARI
The CoRoT space mission: early results
Diagnostics of interstellar hydrogen in the heliosphere
Science with Hinode
Extended baselines for the IRAM Plateau de Bure interferometer: First results
The XMM-Newton extended survey of the Taurus molecular cloud
AMBER: Instrument description and first astrophysical results
APEX Special Booklet
Special letters issue on: first science with integral
First Science with the ODIN satellite
First Results from XMM-Newton