Highlights - 15 January 2010 (vol. 509)


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15 January 2010 (vol. 509)


In section 8. Stellar atmospheres

“Surface structure of the CoRoT CP2 target star HD 50773”, by T. Lüftinger, H.-E. Fröhlich, W. Weiss, P. Petit, M. Auriere, N. Nesvacil, M. Gruberbauer, D. Shulyak, E. Alecian, A. Baglin, F. Baudin, C. Catala, J.-F. Donati, O. Kochukhov, E. Michel, N. Piskunov, T. Roudier, and R. Samadi, A&A 509, A43

Combined 60-day CoRoT photometry and ground-based spectropolarimetry allowed the magnetic field geometry and the surface distribution of various heavy elements of chemically peculiar star to be derived with unprecedented detail. These results will help for understanding the process of elemental diffusion in stars in the presence of a strong magnetic field. 


In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

“The radio lightcurve of SN2008iz in M82 revealed by Urumqi observations”, by N. Marchili, I. Marti-Vidal, A. Brunthaler, T.P. Krichbaum, P. Mueller, X. Liu, H.-G Song, U. Bach, R. Beswick, and J. A. Zensus, A&A 509, A47

Radio supernovae are interesting but rare events and it is unusual to detect one with a well-sampled light curve. The article by Marchili et al. highlighted in this issue presents data, however, for one case where the 5 GHz light curve was well-sampled and this allows the authors to derive the precursor mass loss rate and other basic characteristics of the explosion. 


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