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The galaxy counterpart and environment of the dusty damped Lyman-α absorber at z = 2.226 towards Q 1218+0832

J. P. U. Fynbo, L. Christensen, S. J. Geier, K. E. Heintz, J.-K. Krogager, C. Ledoux, B. Milvang-Jensen, P. Møller, S. Vejlgaard, J. Viuho and G. Östlin
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The Optical Luminosity–Time Correlation for More than 100 Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows

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The Three-parameter Correlations About the Optical Plateaus of Gamma-Ray Bursts

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The host of GRB 030323 at $\mathsf{\textit{z}=3.372}$: A very high column density DLA system with a low metallicity

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The line-of-sight towards GRB 030429 at z $\mathsf{=2.66}$: Probing the matter at stellar, galactic and intergalactic scales

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On the Afterglow of the X‐Ray Flash of 2003 July 23: Photometric Evidence for an Off‐Axis Gamma‐Ray Burst with an Associated Supernova?

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An Erupting Classical Nova in a Globular Cluster of M87

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