Volume 518, July-August 2010
Herschel: the first science highlights
Article Number L77
Number of page(s) 6
Section Letters
Published online 16 July 2010

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\par\mbox{\hspace*{2.95cm}\includegraphics[width=6cm, angle=0]{14...
...hskip 0.3cm \includegraphics[width=5.6cm,angle=0]{14690fg4e.eps} }\end{figure} Figure 4:

Herschel far-infrared to submillimeter images of the Rosette molecular complex: a) PACS 70 $\mu $m with angular resolution and rms of HBPW  $\simeq 5.5\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }\times 6.5\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }$ and $1\sigma \simeq 6$ MJy/sr; b) PACS 160 $\mu $m with HBPW  $\simeq 10.7\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }\times 13\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }$ and $1\sigma \simeq 5.5$ MJy/sr; c) SPIRE 250 $\mu $m with HBPW  $\simeq 18.1\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }$ and $1\sigma \simeq 2.5$ MJy/sr; d) SPIRE 350 $\mu $m with HBPW  $\simeq 25.2\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }$ and $1\sigma \simeq 1.2$ MJy/sr; e) SPIRE 500 $\mu $m with HBPW  $\simeq 36.9\hbox {$^{\prime \prime }$ }$ and $1\sigma \simeq 0.5$ MJy/sr. A common SPIRE/PACS area of $1^\circ \times 1^\circ $ is achieved with $1^\circ 45\hbox {$^\prime $ }\times 1^\circ 30\hbox {$^\prime $ }$ SPIRE and PACS images offsetted by $\sim $23 $\hbox {$^\prime $ }$. The images were flux-calibrated according to the correction factors of Griffin et al. (2010) and Poglitsch et al. (2010): /1.05 at 70 $\mu $m, /1.29 at 160 $\mu $m, $\times 1.02$ at 250 $\mu $m, $\times 1.05$ at 350 $\mu $m, and $\times 0.94$ at 500 $\mu $m. The conversion to MJy/sr unit is done by multiplying the HIPE output images a)-e) by $\sim $4150, $\sim $1040, $\sim $115, $\sim $59.1, and $\sim $27.6.

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\end{figure} Figure 5:

The 46 most massive dense cores of the Rosette molecular cloud: a) mass-radius, b) mass-luminosity diagrams, and c) spatial distribution on the $160~\mu$m map as a function of their estimated nature and evolutionary state. The OB cluster powering the NGC 2244 nebula is marked with stars and the five > $10^3~\mbox{$L_\odot$ }$ IRAS sources are indicated in red and pink.

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