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Table 4

Asymptotic nucleosynthetic yields of stable isotopes (in solar masses) for different DDT8_N100 models.

rpc32 rpc40 c50

12C 5.65E03 1.50E03 9.84E04
13C 1.01E08 3.59E09 2.50E09
14N 2.69E06 5.94E07 3.94E07
15N 3.18E09 6.57E10 4.21E10
16O 1.21E01 5.52E02 3.47E02
17O 4.88E07 1.14E07 7.61E08
18O 4.98E09 8.15E10 5.10E10
19F 5.51E10 6.70E11 3.46E11
20Ne 6.44E03 1.54E03 8.98E04
21Ne 3.61E07 7.18E08 4.57E08
22Ne 4.79E05 9.72E06 6.14E06
23Na 5.10E05 1.15E05 7.13E06
24Mg 1.91E02 9.08E03 6.02E03
25Mg 6.59E05 1.67E05 1.02E05
26Mg 8.37E05 1.98E05 1.24E05
27Al 7.31E04 2.94E04 1.86E04
28Si 2.59E01 2.48E01 2.06E01
29Si 7.47E04 3.77E04 2.57E04
30Si 1.29E03 6.19E04 4.18E04
31P 3.94E04 2.11E04 1.47E04
32S 1.15E01 1.14E01 9.44E02
33S 2.52E04 1.67E04 1.20E04
34S 1.80E03 1.21E03 8.79E04
36S 1.44E07 4.31E08 2.82E08
35Cl 1.27E04 7.83E05 5.44E05
37Cl 2.85E05 2.06E05 1.44E05
36Ar 2.04E02 2.03E02 1.73E02
38Ar 1.01E03 6.98E04 4.76E04
40Ar 5.52E08 1.16E08 7.30E09
39K 9.47E05 6.32E05 4.14E05
41K 6.07E06 4.04E06 2.64E06
40Ca 1.76E02 1.76E02 1.57E02
42Ca 2.72E05 1.69E05 1.04E05
43Ca 9.59E08 3.45E08 2.65E08
44Ca 1.19E05 1.22E05 1.18E05
46Ca 2.95E08 5.29E09 3.19E09
48Ca 2.93E09 6.14E10 3.97E10
45Sc 3.40E07 1.96E07 1.42E07
46Ti 1.49E05 1.01E05 6.67E06
47Ti 6.42E07 4.60E07 3.82E07
48Ti 3.62E04 3.80E04 3.73E04
49Ti 2.41E05 2.52E05 2.35E05
50Ti 3.12E07 2.70E07 2.55E07
50V 3.85E08 1.39E08 9.37E09
51V 9.28E05 9.53E05 8.73E05
50Cr 2.96E04 3.02E04 2.65E04
52Cr 9.66E03 9.87E03 9.58E03
53Cr 1.18E03 1.18E03 1.11E03
54Cr 1.08E05 1.06E05 1.05E05
55Mn 1.29E02 1.27E02 1.19E02
54Fe 9.90E02 9.54E02 8.52E02
56Fe 6.20E01 7.19E01 8.17E01
57Fe 1.62E02 1.86E02 2.11E02
58Fe 7.79E05 7.55E05 7.51E05
59Co 5.09E04 5.66E04 6.37E04
58Ni 6.27E02 6.50E02 6.64E02
60Ni 4.49E03 5.11E03 5.92E03
61Ni 5.33E05 6.47E05 9.08E05
62Ni 3.05E04 3.99E04 5.47E04
64Ni 2.53E06 8.73E07 5.89E07
63Cu 1.17E05 4.27E06 3.04E06
65Cu 4.28E06 1.92E06 1.41E06
64Zn 9.90E06 7.06E06 6.99E06
66Zn 1.34E05 8.50E06 7.61E06
67Zn 6.23E07 2.03E07 1.39E07
68Zn 7.56E07 3.89E07 2.79E07
70Zn 2.06E08 6.41E09 4.23E09
69Ga 4.16E07 1.98E07 1.42E07
71Ga 6.61E08 2.77E08 1.94E08

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