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Table 5:

Characteristics of the three young (<10 kyr) X-ray and $\gamma $-ray emitting pulsars in comparison with the middle-aged Vela pulsar (PSR B0833-045).

d P $\tau$ $L_{\rm sd}$ $F_{\rm x}$a $F_{\gamma}$b $L_{\rm x}$a $\eta_{\rm x}$a $L_{\gamma}$b $\eta_{\gamma}$b
  [kpc] [ms] [ky] [erg/s] [erg/cm2 s] [erg/cm2 s] [erg/s]   [erg/s]  

2.0 29.7 1.3 4.4E+38 $(5.68\pm 0.05)$E-09 $(1.3\pm0.1)$E-09$^{\ }$ $(2.72\pm0.02)$E+36 6.2E-3 $(6.1\pm0.3)$E+35$^{\ }$ 1.4E-3$^{\ }$
B1509-58 5.8 151.5 1.6 1.7E+37 $(1.46\pm 0.02)$E-10 $(5.1\pm2.5)$E-11c $(5.88\pm0.08)$E+35 3.5E-2 $(2.1\pm1.0)$E+35c 1.2E-2c
J0205+6449 3.2 65.7 5.4 2.7E+37 $(0.36\pm 0.02)$E-11 $(6.7\pm0.5)$E-11$^{\ }$ $(4.45\pm0.20)$E+33 1.7E-4 $(8.2\pm0.6)$E+34$^{\ }$ 3.0E-3$^{\ }$
B0833-045 0.287 89.3 11.4 6.9E+36 $(0.88\pm 0.29)$E-11 $(7.9\pm0.3)$E-09$^{\ }$ $(8.67\pm2.85)$E+31 1.3E-5 $(7.8\pm0.3)$E+34$^{\ }$ 1.1E-2$^{\ }$

Notes. The luminosities of the pulsed emission L are calculated as $L = 4\pi d^2Ff_{\Omega}$ with values for the distance d taken from the table, and the beaming fraction $f_\Omega$ set to 1. F represent the pulsed flux. (a) Luminosities, fluxes, and efficiencies labeled with x are evaluated for the 2-100 keV band. (b) Luminosities, fluxes, and efficiencies labeled with $\gamma $ are evaluated for the 0.1-10 GeV band. (c) The $\gamma $-ray energy flux of PSR B1509-58 in the 0.1-10 GeV band has been derived from the (total) photon flux values for the 100-300 and 300-1000 MeV bands as given in Kuiper et al. (1999) assuming a power-law shape with photon index of 2.5, and should be considered as an upper-limit to the pulsed flux of PSR B1509-58 in the 0.1-10 GeV band.

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