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Table B.1:

Dissociative recombination rates of H3+, H2D+, D2H+, and D3+ for each individual nuclear spin state species.
Temperature para-H3+ ortho-H3+ para-H2D+ ortho-H2D+ ortho-D2H+ para-D2H+ ortho-D3+ meta-D3+ para-D3+
K cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1 cm3 s-1
1.28 1.81e-06 8.21e-08 6.63e-07 8.74e-07 2.18e-07 9.59e-08 6.33e-07 2.38e-06 2.61e-07
1.41 1.71e-06 7.86e-08 6.23e-07 8.46e-07 2.02e-07 9.36e-08 5.90e-07 2.22e-06 2.47e-07
1.56 1.61e-06 7.52e-08 5.85e-07 8.17e-07 1.87e-07 9.16e-08 5.49e-07 2.06e-06 2.34e-07
1.72 1.52e-06 7.20e-08 5.48e-07 7.87e-07 1.72e-07 8.98e-08 5.10e-07 1.90e-06 2.22e-07
1.90 1.44e-06 6.90e-08 5.14e-07 7.56e-07 1.58e-07 8.82e-08 4.73e-07 1.75e-06 2.10e-07
2.10 1.36e-06 6.61e-08 4.81e-07 7.25e-07 1.45e-07 8.65e-08 4.39e-07 1.61e-06 1.98e-07
2.32 1.29e-06 6.34e-08 4.51e-07 6.93e-07 1.32e-07 8.47e-08 4.08e-07 1.48e-06 1.88e-07
2.56 1.22e-06 6.08e-08 4.23e-07 6.60e-07 1.21e-07 8.28e-08 3.79e-07 1.35e-06 1.79e-07
2.83 1.16e-06 5.84e-08 3.97e-07 6.27e-07 1.11e-07 8.08e-08 3.52e-07 1.23e-06 1.72e-07
3.12 1.11e-06 5.62e-08 3.73e-07 5.94e-07 1.02e-07 7.87e-08 3.29e-07 1.12e-06 1.66e-07
3.45 1.06e-06 5.42e-08 3.51e-07 5.60e-07 9.35e-08 7.64e-08 3.08e-07 1.01e-06 1.62e-07
3.81 1.01e-06 5.23e-08 3.31e-07 5.28e-07 8.62e-08 7.41e-08 2.90e-07 9.18e-07 1.61e-07
4.20 9.63e-07 5.08e-08 3.13e-07 4.95e-07 7.98e-08 7.17e-08 2.74e-07 8.30e-07 1.63e-07
4.64 9.19e-07 4.94e-08 2.96e-07 4.63e-07 7.41e-08 6.94e-08 2.62e-07 7.49e-07 1.66e-07
5.13 8.77e-07 4.83e-08 2.81e-07 4.33e-07 6.90e-08 6.70e-08 2.52e-07 6.75e-07 1.73e-07
5.66 8.36e-07 4.76e-08 2.67e-07 4.04e-07 6.45e-08 6.47e-08 2.46e-07 6.07e-07 1.80e-07
6.25 7.95e-07 4.71e-08 2.54e-07 3.76e-07 6.04e-08 6.24e-08 2.43e-07 5.46e-07 1.90e-07
6.90 7.55e-07 4.69e-08 2.42e-07 3.51e-07 5.69e-08 6.02e-08 2.45e-07 4.92e-07 1.99e-07
7.62 7.14e-07 4.71e-08 2.31e-07 3.28e-07 5.37e-08 5.81e-08 2.50e-07 4.42e-07 2.09e-07
8.41 6.74e-07 4.75e-08 2.22e-07 3.08e-07 5.08e-08 5.61e-08 2.59e-07 3.98e-07 2.18e-07
9.29 6.35e-07 4.81e-08 2.14e-07 2.91e-07 4.82e-08 5.43e-08 2.72e-07 3.59e-07 2.27e-07
10.25 5.96e-07 4.88e-08 2.09e-07 2.77e-07 4.59e-08 5.28e-08 2.87e-07 3.25e-07 2.34e-07
11.32 5.58e-07 4.96e-08 2.07e-07 2.65e-07 4.38e-08 5.15e-08 3.04e-07 2.95e-07 2.39e-07
12.50 5.21e-07 5.05e-08 2.09e-07 2.56e-07 4.19e-08 5.06e-08 3.22e-07 2.69e-07 2.44e-07
13.80 4.86e-07 5.12e-08 2.14e-07 2.49e-07 4.02e-08 5.01e-08 3.39e-07 2.48e-07 2.46e-07
15.24 4.53e-07 5.18e-08 2.24e-07 2.44e-07 3.87e-08 5.01e-08 3.55e-07 2.30e-07 2.48e-07
16.82 4.21e-07 5.22e-08 2.36e-07 2.41e-07 3.74e-08 5.05e-08 3.68e-07 2.16e-07 2.49e-07
18.57 3.92e-07 5.25e-08 2.52e-07 2.40e-07 3.65e-08 5.15e-08 3.79e-07 2.06e-07 2.48e-07
20.51 3.65e-07 5.26e-08 2.68e-07 2.39e-07 3.58e-08 5.30e-08 3.85e-07 1.98e-07 2.46e-07
22.64 3.40e-07 5.26e-08 2.85e-07 2.39e-07 3.56e-08 5.49e-08 3.87e-07 1.92e-07 2.43e-07
25.00 3.17e-07 5.26e-08 3.01e-07 2.39e-07 3.58e-08 5.73e-08 3.85e-07 1.89e-07 2.40e-07
27.60 2.96e-07 5.27e-08 3.14e-07 2.38e-07 3.64e-08 5.98e-08 3.79e-07 1.86e-07 2.35e-07
30.48 2.77e-07 5.29e-08 3.24e-07 2.38e-07 3.75e-08 6.26e-08 3.68e-07 1.83e-07 2.28e-07
33.65 2.59e-07 5.32e-08 3.31e-07 2.37e-07 3.92e-08 6.53e-08 3.53e-07 1.81e-07 2.21e-07
37.15 2.44e-07 5.38e-08 3.33e-07 2.35e-07 4.14e-08 6.78e-08 3.34e-07 1.78e-07 2.12e-07
41.02 2.29e-07 5.46e-08 3.32e-07 2.32e-07 4.42e-08 7.01e-08 3.11e-07 1.75e-07 2.02e-07
45.29 2.16e-07 5.57e-08 3.28e-07 2.29e-07 4.76e-08 7.21e-08 2.85e-07 1.71e-07 1.91e-07
50.01 2.04e-07 5.68e-08 3.22e-07 2.24e-07 5.15e-08 7.36e-08 2.57e-07 1.66e-07 1.79e-07
55.21 1.92e-07 5.81e-08 3.13e-07 2.20e-07 5.59e-08 7.48e-08 2.29e-07 1.60e-07 1.67e-07
60.96 1.81e-07 5.95e-08 3.03e-07 2.14e-07 6.06e-08 7.56e-08 2.01e-07 1.54e-07 1.54e-07
67.31 1.71e-07 6.08e-08 2.91e-07 2.08e-07 6.54e-08 7.61e-08 1.76e-07 1.47e-07 1.42e-07
74.31 1.61e-07 6.21e-08 2.79e-07 2.02e-07 7.01e-08 7.63e-08 1.54e-07 1.40e-07 1.30e-07
82.05 1.51e-07 6.33e-08 2.67e-07 1.95e-07 7.44e-08 7.63e-08 1.34e-07 1.33e-07 1.19e-07
90.59 1.41e-07 6.43e-08 2.54e-07 1.88e-07 7.82e-08 7.61e-08 1.18e-07 1.25e-07 1.09e-07
100.02 1.31e-07 6.52e-08 2.41e-07 1.81e-07 8.12e-08 7.56e-08 1.05e-07 1.18e-07 1.00e-07
110.43 1.22e-07 6.58e-08 2.29e-07 1.73e-07 8.33e-08 7.50e-08 9.35e-08 1.10e-07 9.21e-08
121.93 1.13e-07 6.61e-08 2.17e-07 1.65e-07 8.45e-08 7.42e-08 8.42e-08 1.03e-07 8.50e-08
134.62 1.05e-07 6.61e-08 2.05e-07 1.57e-07 8.46e-08 7.31e-08 7.65e-08 9.58e-08 7.87e-08
148.64 9.70e-08 6.58e-08 1.93e-07 1.48e-07 8.40e-08 7.19e-08 7.00e-08 8.91e-08 7.31e-08
164.11 8.99e-08 6.50e-08 1.82e-07 1.40e-07 8.25e-08 7.04e-08 6.44e-08 8.27e-08 6.80e-08
181.20 8.35e-08 6.38e-08 1.71e-07 1.32e-07 8.05e-08 6.86e-08 5.94e-08 7.67e-08 6.34e-08
200.06 7.76e-08 6.23e-08 1.60e-07 1.23e-07 7.80e-08 6.67e-08 5.50e-08 7.09e-08 5.90e-08
220.89 7.23e-08 6.04e-08 1.50e-07 1.15e-07 7.51e-08 6.46e-08 5.11e-08 6.54e-08 5.49e-08
243.88 6.73e-08 5.83e-08 1.40e-07 1.08e-07 7.21e-08 6.23e-08 4.73e-08 6.02e-08 5.10e-08
269.27 6.28e-08 5.59e-08 1.31e-07 1.00e-07 6.90e-08 5.99e-08 4.38e-08 5.53e-08 4.73e-08
297.31 5.87e-08 5.34e-08 1.22e-07 9.34e-08 6.58e-08 5.74e-08 4.04e-08 5.07e-08 4.37e-08
328.26 5.48e-08 5.08e-08 1.14e-07 8.68e-08 6.27e-08 5.49e-08 3.73e-08 4.64e-08 4.03e-08
362.43 5.13e-08 4.81e-08 1.06e-07 8.07e-08 5.97e-08 5.24e-08 3.43e-08 4.23e-08 3.71e-08
400.16 4.80e-08 4.54e-08 9.85e-08 7.51e-08 5.67e-08 4.99e-08 3.15e-08 3.86e-08 3.41e-08
441.82 4.49e-08 4.27e-08 9.17e-08 6.99e-08 5.38e-08 4.74e-08 2.88e-08 3.51e-08 3.12e-08
487.81 4.21e-08 4.01e-08 8.53e-08 6.50e-08 5.11e-08 4.51e-08 2.63e-08 3.18e-08 2.85e-08
538.60 3.95e-08 3.76e-08 7.94e-08 6.06e-08 4.85e-08 4.27e-08 2.40e-08 2.88e-08 2.60e-08
594.67 3.70e-08 3.52e-08 7.40e-08 5.65e-08 4.59e-08 4.05e-08 2.19e-08 2.61e-08 2.36e-08
656.58 3.47e-08 3.29e-08 6.88e-08 5.27e-08 4.35e-08 3.83e-08 1.99e-08 2.35e-08 2.14e-08
724.93 3.26e-08 3.08e-08 6.41e-08 4.91e-08 4.11e-08 3.62e-08 1.80e-08 2.12e-08 1.94e-08
800.40 3.05e-08 2.87e-08 5.96e-08 4.58e-08 3.88e-08 3.41e-08 1.63e-08 1.91e-08 1.76e-08
883.72 2.86e-08 2.68e-08 5.55e-08 4.27e-08 3.66e-08 3.20e-08 1.47e-08 1.72e-08 1.59e-08
975.72 2.68e-08 2.50e-08 5.15e-08 3.98e-08 3.43e-08 3.01e-08 1.33e-08 1.55e-08 1.43e-08
1077.30 2.51e-08 2.33e-08 4.78e-08 3.70e-08 3.22e-08 2.81e-08 1.20e-08 1.39e-08 1.29e-08
1189.45 2.35e-08 2.17e-08 4.43e-08 3.44e-08 3.00e-08 2.62e-08 1.08e-08 1.25e-08 1.16e-08
1313.28 2.20e-08 2.02e-08 4.09e-08 3.19e-08 2.80e-08 2.43e-08 9.70e-09 1.12e-08 1.04e-08
1450.00 2.05e-08 1.87e-08 3.77e-08 2.95e-08 2.59e-08 2.25e-08 8.70e-09 1.00e-08 9.33e-09
1600.95 1.90e-08 1.73e-08 3.47e-08 2.72e-08 2.40e-08 2.08e-08 7.80e-09 8.95e-09 8.36e-09
1767.62 1.76e-08 1.60e-08 3.18e-08 2.50e-08 2.21e-08 1.91e-08 6.97e-09 7.99e-09 7.47e-09
1951.64 1.63e-08 1.47e-08 2.91e-08 2.29e-08 2.02e-08 1.75e-08 6.23e-09 7.12e-09 6.67e-09
2154.81 1.50e-08 1.35e-08 2.66e-08 2.09e-08 1.85e-08 1.60e-08 5.55e-09 6.34e-09 5.94e-09
2379.14 1.38e-08 1.24e-08 2.42e-08 1.91e-08 1.69e-08 1.45e-08 4.94e-09 5.64e-09 5.29e-09
2626.82 1.26e-08 1.13e-08 2.19e-08 1.73e-08 1.53e-08 1.32e-08 4.39e-09 5.00e-09 4.70e-09
2900.28 1.15e-08 1.03e-08 1.98e-08 1.57e-08 1.38e-08 1.19e-08 3.90e-09 4.44e-09 4.17e-09
3202.22 1.04e-08 9.36e-09 1.79e-08 1.42e-08 1.25e-08 1.07e-08 3.46e-09 3.93e-09 3.70e-09
3535.58 9.48e-09 8.47e-09 1.61e-08 1.28e-08 1.12e-08 9.65e-09 3.06e-09 3.48e-09 3.27e-09
3903.65 8.57e-09 7.66e-09 1.45e-08 1.15e-08 1.01e-08 8.66e-09 2.71e-09 3.08e-09 2.90e-09
4310.04 7.75e-09 6.91e-09 1.30e-08 1.03e-08 9.04e-09 7.76e-09 2.40e-09 2.72e-09 2.57e-09
4758.74 6.99e-09 6.23e-09 1.16e-08 9.26e-09 8.10e-09 6.95e-09 2.13e-09 2.41e-09 2.27e-09
5254.15 6.31e-09 5.61e-09 1.04e-08 8.31e-09 7.26e-09 6.23e-09 1.89e-09 2.14e-09 2.02e-09
5801.13 5.70e-09 5.06e-09 9.39e-09 7.47e-09 6.51e-09 5.58e-09 1.68e-09 1.90e-09 1.79e-09
6405.05 5.15e-09 4.58e-09 8.45e-09 6.73e-09 5.85e-09 5.02e-09 1.50e-09 1.69e-09 1.60e-09
7071.85 4.67e-09 4.14e-09 7.63e-09 6.08e-09 5.27e-09 4.52e-09 1.34e-09 1.51e-09 1.43e-09
7808.06 4.24e-09 3.77e-09 6.91e-09 5.50e-09 4.77e-09 4.08e-09 1.20e-09 1.36e-09 1.29e-09
8620.92 3.87e-09 3.43e-09 6.28e-09 5.01e-09 4.33e-09 3.71e-09 1.09e-09 1.23e-09 1.16e-09
9518.40 3.55e-09 3.14e-09 5.73e-09 4.57e-09 3.95e-09 3.38e-09 9.86e-10 1.11e-09 1.05e-09
10509.31 3.26e-09 2.89e-09 5.26e-09 4.20e-09 3.61e-09 3.09e-09 8.99e-10 1.01e-09 9.60e-10
11603.38 3.01e-09 2.67e-09 4.85e-09 3.87e-09 3.33e-09 2.85e-09 8.25e-10 9.29e-10 8.80e-10
12811.35 2.80e-09 2.48e-09 4.50e-09 3.58e-09 3.08e-09 2.63e-09 7.61e-10 8.56e-10 8.12e-10
14145.07 2.61e-09 2.31e-09 4.19e-09 3.34e-09 2.86e-09 2.45e-09 7.05e-10 7.94e-10 7.53e-10
15617.64 2.45e-09 2.16e-09 3.92e-09 3.12e-09 2.67e-09 2.29e-09 6.58e-10 7.40e-10 7.01e-10
17243.51 2.30e-09 2.04e-09 3.68e-09 2.94e-09 2.51e-09 2.14e-09 6.16e-10 6.93e-10 6.57e-10
19038.65 2.18e-09 1.92e-09 3.48e-09 2.77e-09 2.37e-09 2.02e-09 5.80e-10 6.52e-10 6.19e-10
21020.66 2.07e-09 1.83e-09 3.30e-09 2.63e-09 2.24e-09 1.92e-09 5.49e-10 6.17e-10 5.85e-10
23209.01 1.97e-09 1.74e-09 3.15e-09 2.51e-09 2.13e-09 1.82e-09 5.22e-10 5.86e-10 5.56e-10

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