New subscriber benefits announced for 2023 as A&A’s subscribe-to-open program evolves

In 2023, Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) will continue to be published under a Subscribe-to-Open (S2O) open access model.

Whether or not A&A’s content will be open access in 2023 depends on the level of subscriptions. This will be announced in the first quarter of 2023. If the level of subscriptions is insufficient to continue publishing A&A in open access, only subscribers will retain uninterrupted access to A&A.

In order to acknowledge the invaluable support of S2O subscribers, and after consultation with the community, we are pleased to extend the following benefits in 2023:

  • “Early-Bird” discount on 2023 subscriptions
  • Reserved access to accepted articles ahead of publication
  • Discount on “page charges” for authors of subscribing institutions

Some of these changes are the natural result of the S2O model evolving and maturing, particularly as it is applied to a wider range of journals each with its own features. Others follow consultation with the community during A&A’s first year of operation under S2O. We are indebted to librarians who were surveyed earlier this year and generously shared their experiences and views.

“Early-Bird” discount on 2023 subscriptions

If existing subscribers renew a subscription or new subscribers place an order before 15 December 2022, the subscription price will remain at the 2022 rate. From 16 December 2022, the 2023 rate will be applied, with a 2% increase on the 2022 subscription price.

Reserved access to accepted articles ahead of publication

A&A provides online access to the unedited, preprint version of accepted papers several weeks ahead of publication. Online access to these accepted papers will be reserved for subscribers only in 2023.

Discount on page charges

While subscriptions fund the publishing costs of the journal, the editorial costs are funded both by contributions from member countries and “page charges” for authors of non-member countries. Please note, page charges are not the same as Article Processing Charges (APCs).

  • There are no charges for authors from A&A member countries to publish in A&A.
  • A moderate fee (known as “page charges”) is charged to authors from non-member countries to cover editorial costs.
  • In 2023, authors who are not located in an A&A member country, but whose institutions subscribe to A&A, will benefit from a discount on page charges (details to follow).

About Subscribe-to-Open (S2O)

S2O is one of the transformative models that aims to move subscription journals to open access. It is endorsed by cOAlition S. If the minimum number of subscriptions necessary to sustain the publication of A&A is reached, the content for the year will be published in open access under a CC-BY 4.0 license without Article Processing Charges (APCs). If not, A&A’s content will revert to gated access to which only subscribers have access.

See the A&A S2O FAQs.


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