Digitized archive of the Kodaikanal images (Ravindra et al.)

Vol. 550
In section 14. Catalogs and data

Digitized archive of the Kodaikanal images: Representative results of Solar cycle variation from sunspot area determination

by B. Ravindra, T. G. Priya, K. Amareswari, M. Priyal, A. A. Nazia, and D. Banerjee, A&A 550, A19

The Kodiakanal Solar Observatory has a record of daily solar images for more than one century that is now available online (http://kso.iiap.res.in). It is one of the most extensive records in the world, which makes available science-quality data in Ca II K, H-alpha, and white light. This will allow new studies to be carried out that will help to better understand solar activity over the past century.