A Cygnus X 12CO(3–2) survey pathfinder (Gottschalk et al.)

Vol. 540
In section 6. Interstellar and circumstellar matter

The JCMT 12CO(3–2) survey of the Cygnus X region. I. A pathfinder

by M. Gottschalk, R. Kothes, H.E. Matthews, T.L. Landecker, and W.R.F. Dent, A&A 541, A79


The Cyg X region is one of the most important sites of large-scale star formation in the Galaxy (perhaps only less so than Orion and the Galactic center), and in this paper the dynamical information is used to determine associations and 3D structure. There are H II regions for which H I 21 cm absorption measurements are already available, and the dynamics of the CO place the structure in context. Extensive wind bubbles are being blown by the massive stars and by jets from protostellar sources. Far more is promised in future extensions of this project. An important result is how these observations "disconnect" Cyg X into multiple structures, always an ambiguity along the line of sight to complex regions. The authors find that this is not a single structure after all and that there are also a large number of outflows (chance detections).