The mass distribution of sdB stars (Fontaine et al.)

Vol. 539
In section 7. Stellar structure and evolution

A preliminary look at the empirical mass distribution of hot B subdwarf Stars

by G. Fontaine, P. Brassard, S. Charpinet, E.M. Green, S.K. Randall, and V. Van Grootel, A&A 539, A12


Subdwarf B (sdB) stars are identified with core helium burning objects on a hot extension of the horizontal branch. The present article compiles mass measurements derived from the analysis of pulsating sdB stars and sdBs found in binaries to construct a first empirical mass distribution for this type of star. Knowing the sdB mass distribution provides a tool for constraining the single-star and binary evolution scenarios for sdBs, which are the subjects of intense discussion.