L-band spectroscopy of Galactic OB-stars (F. Najarro et al.)

Vol. 535
In section 6. Interstellar anc circumstellar matter

L-band spectroscopy of Galactic OB-stars

by F. Najarro, M.M. Hanson, and J. Puls, A&A 535, A25


This paper presents a theoretical sensitivity study and new high-resolution observations of the 2-4.2 mu hydrogen and neutral He lines in massive Galactic stars. The NIR line profiles are more sensitive than the Balmer series to the presence of winds, and they also enable recovery of important features of the wind structures, such as clumping radial distributions and turbulence. With the development of high-resolution IUR spectroscopy, and further development with future space missions, this will be extendable to extragalactic OB stars making the work especially timely.