Two very nearby (d ∼ 5 pc) ultracool brown dwarfs (R.D. Scholz et al.)

Vol. 531In section 1. Letters to the Editor

Two very nearby (d~5 pc) ultracool brown dwarfs detected by their large proper motions from WISE, 2MASS, and SDSS data

by R.D. Scholz, G. Bihain, O. Schnurr, and J. Storm, A&A 532, L5


The WISE satellite have recently surveyed the full sky in 4 near- and mid-infrared bands, the bluer two of which were optimized to easily identify very cool brown dwarfs. The authors combined the preliminary public WISE data release with observations from previous optical and near-IR surveys to identify two bright, high proper motion, and presumably very nearby and late T dwarfs. The two objects represent a tantalizing preview of the expected brown dwarf output of the WISE survey, and their relative brightness will provide prime material for detailed follow-up work.